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CSS PrefixR

Here it is: my second extension 🙂

I guess a lot of you guys heard about CSS PrefixR by now since it is far more popular than I expected it to be (actually when writing it, I did not even think that it was useful for fixing sites out there in the web, but it was meant to be a developers tool not having to include all of the vendor-prefixes all the time, when trying to adjust a website of your own).

However, I really like where version 1.6 got to in the meanwhile and it's definitely not the end of the road.

I'm currently working on version 2.0, which will give you the opportunity to turn CSS PrefixR on or off by default and then ex- or respectively include particular websites for fixing.

If you found bugs or if you have feature requests don't hesitate to write me a pm and/or write them down in the "known issues" section on the extensions website.

And don't forget to rate it to make it even more popular and motivating for me to keep improving it 😉


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