Extensions designed to enrich your browsing experience

Mouse gestures are great. And they make your everyday browsing so much easier and faster 🙂

Today I'm gonna give you a short guide on how to make them even more awesome :up: …

What's the magic?
You can assign JavaScript-code to them. Everything you can imagine.

How to do it?

  1. open Preferences -> Advanced -> Quick Access
  2. click on "edit" next to the mouse gestures-section
  3. in the upcoming dialog you can either create a new gesture or edit an existing one
  4. specify a gesture (or a set of them), e.g. GestureDown, GestureRight, GestureDown
  5. and then comes the trick:
    a) click into the right section
    -> you will get a list of possible actions already built into Opera as soon as you start typing
    b) type / choose "Go to page" (without quotation marks)
    c) followed by a comma and "javascript:WHATEVER YOU WANNA DO;"

So what I did (as an example):

Left field (gesture): GestureUp
Right field (action): Go to page,"javascript:scroll(0,0);"

So everytime you make a mouse gesture up, the current page will scroll to the top.
Isn't that a cool thing?

Go ahead and play with it! There really are no limitations! You're not limited to one single command either.

Make Opera talk with you ( Go to page,"javascript:alert('hi');" ), insert your name or other predefined texts into text areas, change a websites background color or whatever you can come up with 😉


Comments on: "Mouse gestures – all yours" (5)

  1. :yes:

  2. valentinsamedy said:

    Je voudrais savoir que dois-je faire pour utiliser la sou- ris. Et je ne peux pas télé- charger des programme a partir de mon black berry. Quelle en est la cause. Prie- re de m'aider a résoudre le problème.

  3. militarychallengecoins said:

    Like! 😎

  4. incensesticks said:


  5. […] some time ago I wrote about customizing mouse gestures. While this is awesome all by itself, I love making things even more ingenious. :cheers: This new […]

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