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All good things…

… come to an end.
I decided to discontinue the development of CSS PrefixR (at least for the time being).

Because on the one hand Opera decided to handle webkit-prefixed CSS as well (http://www.opera.com/docs/specs/presto2.11/#m211-310) and on the other hand the CSS Working Group finally decided to officially unprefix animations, transitions and transforms (for reference see https://twitter.com/csswg/status/210404244682055680) which is definitely a good thing but makes this extension obsolete in most parts

So I hope you appreciated my work on it and enjoyed CSS PrefixR. You're for sure welcome to keep on using it if it's of any use for you.

What's next?
I'm concentrating on a new little extension right now, which will be ready for release somewhere around this weekend (maybe even today) πŸ™‚
A little hint to what it's all about: If Firefox can do it, Opera can do it for sure! πŸ˜‰

Happy guessing and stay tuned


Comments on: "All good things…" (2)

  1. It would still be useful since Web authors usually don’t follow standard discussions/decisions. Which was ultimately what lead to the need for this extension.

  2. @daniel We've an project like this; http://my.opera.com/fix-the-web/blog/

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