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It’s showtime :)

Development progressed pretty quickly and I'm almost done with it. Since the moderators went into their well-earned weekend I won't bother uploading it though.
Instead, I'd like you to give me a hand with translating it just like it worked with CSS PrefixR 😉

This time however, your job is much easier: I only need one little sentence from you:
"Which kinds of documents do you want to get opened by this extension?"

Thanks to all of you who are contributing to the initial release which I'll upload Monday morning to supply it to all of you ASAP 😉

So, what's it all about?
As the little sentence above and the icon might have told you already: This extension makes certain documents (you can choose which ones) directly inside Opera without the need of any plugin :yes: :cheers:
(I was referring to Firefox Aurora's plugin-free PDF-support in my earlier post today 💡 )

I'm looking forward to you getting your hands on it and giving feedback.

Have a nice weekend and don't forget to translate it to your language as well! :knight:


Comments on: "It’s showtime :)" (8)

  1. chocimir said:

    Hmm… In my opinion Universal Online Viewer is better, and best is script unpacked from this with my improvments.But it is no reason to don't translate this.b = b.replace(/#choosedocs#/,"Dokumentami w których formatach ma się zająć rozszerzenie?");<description xml:lang="pl">Dokumenty (np. MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF) wyświetlane bezpośrednio przez Operę — bez wtyczek</description>This extension lets you open several kinds of documents right inside of Opera – without the need of a plugin :)Simple. Intuitive. Clean.Supported types of files:The extension makes use of Google Viewer.To rozszerzenie otwiera różne rodzaje dokumentów bezpośrednio w Operze — bez użycia wtyczek :)Prosto. Naturalnie. Jasno.Obsługiwane formaty plików:Rozszerzenie korzysta z Google Viewer.

  2. christoph142 said:

    Thanks chocimier :)Well I tried every single one of them, but IMHO the readers just take way to much space and it just looks like a website. I wanted to have a natural look like you would have with a plugin. And if you tell me which features you love the most or you'd like to see, I'll be happy to integrate them as well 😉

  3. anonymous said:

    Danilo Freiles writes:I can't open this url with Documents extension active:http://www.megalab.it/8099/linea-dura-contro-i-blocchi-di-sistemaResult: BLANK PAGE.

  4. christoph142 said:

    Originally posted by anonymous:


    Thanks for reporting. It's reproducible. I've uploaded version 1.0.1 which will fix this issue. It'll be available for download after approval by tomorrow morning 🙂

  5. anonymous said:

    Danilo Freiles writes:Great! Thanks!

  6. chocimir said:

    Here is translated help:Aby otwierać łącza upuszczone na lub wklejone w pasek adresu, albo wybrane z historii, wykonaj co następuje:1. otwórz Ustawienia → Preferencje (Ctrl+F12) → Zaawansowane → Pobieranie2. odznacz „Ukryj typy plików obsługiwane przez Operę”3. wybierz któreś z rozszerzeń obsługiwanych przez rozszerzenie, np. pdf i kliknij „Edytuj…”4. zaznacz „Otwórz w Operze” i zatwierdźKroki 3 i 4 powtórz dla każdego typu pliku, który ma być obsługiwany w wyżej wymienionych sytuacjach. Na koniec klikając OK zamknij okno preferencji. Gotowe 🙂

  7. christoph142 said:

    Are you using the extension in standard or extended mode?It's impossible by design that an extension can interfere with Flash content, though…

  8. Gluck writes:Hi :)There is one trouble at http://vk.com/ While extension is enabled I cannot load photos, documents, music files. (Loader is written on Flash)

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