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I am number four

Hey guys,

no, I'm not starting to advertise on my page. My extensions were always free and ad-free and that's not gonna change now.

In spite of advertising films, I'm rather excited to announce the development of my fourth extension. It's still in a pretty early state and requires a lot more work to be done before it'll get released, but nevertheless I reached a point today, where I deemed that developing it is actually possible even with Opera's limited set of APIs (I had to drop a lot of my ideas until now just because there's no way to get it done because of missing possibilities, like not being allowed to set proxies, not having access to the file-protocol, Opera Link etc.)

So, which kind of extension is it going to be?

I won't tell yet!

But in order to quicken your appetite, here's the icon:

Any ideas what it might be about? What would you like to see? Let me know in the comments 🙂


Comments on: "I am number four" (10)

  1. christoph142 said:

    Wow, I didn't even know that such an extension already existed. I think I should select "all languages" next time I'm trying to find out if I've got a new idea (well, if it's completely and only written in Turkish, Vietnamese or whatever, I won't find it anyway, but at least I can try ^^) :cheers: And the answer is: No, it's gonna be something different.Maybe another "hint": Without additional workarounds (which I'm not sure yet, if they will work and even if they will, they will only make it partially available), it's only gonna work in 12.50+ 💡

  2. Maybe something about clipboard.

  3. faithoneil24 said:

    helloam cynthia i will like you to writeto my email cynthiajobe@hotmail.comso that i will tell you more about mewith photos.LOVEKisses

  4. christoph142 said:

    you got it :)you earned a first glimpse 😉

  5. christoph142 said:

    yes, it's kind of going into this direction (I've seen and tested this extension when I had a look, if my idea already existed; Smart Clipboard (that's gonna be the name of my new extension 🙂 ) adds a clipboard history as well), but it'll be considerably different.It'll get some really nifty features, which I'm sure of that they will make life much easier :)So stay tuned 😉

  6. After seeing first version i may share some ideas. Until that version if i got anything I'll write.

  7. bestseoservice said:

    What happened to this?

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