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Smart Clipboard RC

Hey guys,

I did a bit of polishing and here it is: the [UPDATE (see below):] 2nd Release Candidate.
I'm probably going to make some more minor adjustments during this afternoon, but you pretty much hereby got the initial release in your hands which is going to be published by tomorrow :yes: …

What has changed since last preview?

1) If you are using Opera 12.50 the last preview stopped working when you updated to the current snapshot. Opera's core was changed significantly and those changes directly affect this extension as well:

previously you were allowed to register eventhandlers like this (Don't):

element.onclick = "alert('this will not do anything anymore');";

According to Opera's developers this actually is a spec violation and the way it's meant to be (and that already worked in older Opera versions as well) is (Do):

element.onclick = function(){ alert("this is the right way to do it"); };

or (Do):

element.addEventListener("click", function(){ alert("this is the right way to do it"); }, false);

2) I added a short instruction section on how to use this extension at the bottom of the options page

3) The info-page offers to rate the extension and report bugs in Opera's extension catalog (links not working yet since it didn't get published by now)

4) The entries which you choose to get copied back to be active now move to the top of the history

[ UPDATE: ] 5) Woops, I totally forgot to implement cut. It's now working just as copy does 😉

As it is supposed to get released like this please tell me about glitches and bugs you come across or if something is not working for you. :cheers:


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