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Smart Clipboard

Here we go: Smart Clipboard 1.0 just got released into the wild :hat: :cheers:

Go get your smokin-hot fresh copy @ https://addons.opera.com/extensions/details/smart-clipboard/ :yes:

Special thanks to metude for the great prerelease testing and feedback :headbang:

PS: It's not identical to RC2 but got some further fixes
PPS: I changed the layout of this blog into something more eye-friendly. Hope you like it 🙂


Comments on: "Smart Clipboard" (8)

  1. This should be wrong: http://a1208.hizliresim.com/10/6/bk6kr.jpgI gave five star but it's recorded as 4 star.

  2. :cheers:

  3. christoph142 said:

    Originally posted by metude:

    This should be wrong: http://a1208.hizliresim.com/10/6/bk6kr.jpg

    I was wondering about that a few times with my other extensions already. Thanks for letting me know. I'll inform the admins about it 😉

  4. – Alt A deosn't working as shortcut. Alt Shift A is OK.- Why did you removed Ctrl in shortcuts?- I didn't tried with 12.50 but how did you able to work Right-click support?

  5. christoph142 said:

    1) that's why Alt+Shift+A is the standard combination now ;)2) I did it kind of as a last-minute-patch since I realized that choosing ctrl/cmd with the others makes the menu close after releasing the keys (because of it being mistaken as the quick-menu-command). It would have just taken too much time to change it completely. I'll re-enable the possibility for using those keys in the next version :)3) 12.50 got a huge core update. They implemented besides many other things the HTML5 clipboard API. If you want to know more details have a look at http://de.opera.com/docs/specs/presto2.10/#m210-294 :sherlock:

  6. Yep.Out-of-topic: Is it possible to convert this to an extension. I mean rich-text copying.

  7. christoph142 said:

    I don't think so. As far as I understand it the main part is done by an .exe-file which cannot be included and used in an Opera extension.However, as soon as I fixed the bugs which I came across, I'll try to experiment a bit on this. Maybe there's a possibility to get this "simulated" 🙂

  8. Another one of your great work! :yes: Though i would prefer if the extension button menu (button popup) is used for the whole interface.

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