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Documents 2.0

Free candies!!!

Well, more like "free extension", but anyway: I got a little toy for you to play with:

Documents 2.0

You can think of it as an RC. If you're not encountering any flaws (or at least don't let me know about them ^^), it'll get published on Monday.

Here's the changelog:
new: context menu entry for opening supported links with Documents (Opera 12.10+)
new: title of the document is displayed instead of its file name at the right side if available
new: high resolution icons (for Retina displays)
fix: save button behavior not in line with original buttons

So happy testing 😉

P.S: The translations are vastly incomplete. I'd appreciate anyone who'd like to give me a hand!


Comments on: "Documents 2.0" (4)

  1. Is it in github?

  2. christoph142 said:

    For sure (the download link above even points to the repo) 😉

  3. Got it from Opera Extension page! :cheers:

  4. christoph142 said:


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