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Three at one blow

Documents Smart Clipboard modern scroll

First things first: Thanks to all of you great guys and girls who tested and/or contributed to my extensions. You're the best! :love:

During the weekend I uploaded all of these extensions: the initial release of modern scroll, the maybe most awesome extension that I wrote so far and Documents as well as Smart Clipboard got updated.

modern scroll

You can read about modern scroll in my previous blog post if you haven't done so already. Or just
download and enjoy modern scroll 1.0 🙂


Documents got updated from version 1.9 to 2.0
You can read about it in this post or
download and enjoy Documents 2.0 approved; I won the discussion :up:

Smart Clipboard

Smart Clipboard also moved forward by point one from 1.2 to 1.3
It's not a big difference in numbers, but it is kind of an innovation.
As far as I know, it hereby became the first and only extension in the whole catalog, which incorporates a localized user interface which is injected into web pages.

So that's the v 1.3 changelog accordingly:
new: UI refinements
new: localizations (options (in all versions of Opera) & interface (in Opera 12.10 and above))
new: German localization
new: French localization (incomplete)

Go get Smart Clipboard 1.3 😉

I hope you gonna like them as much as I do :happy:
If so, don't forget to rate them 🙂


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  3. I can't say how much I enjoy Documents.

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