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modern scroll 1.1

Let the journey continue…

The initial release of modern scroll only happened 2 days ago. But I'm restless :cheers: …



new: top- and bottommost part of the background bar can be used to scroll to top / bottom
new: scroll bars can be attached to the opposite side of the screen
new: optional animation of bar during scrolling by mouse wheel / keyboard
new: context menu is adjustable
new: scroll button width and height adjustable
fix: scrollbar position not updated, when superbar is dragged to top left corner (thx Daniel for reporting)

I hope you are restless, too, because all of the localizations except English and German need updates!
So if you are talking any language except those two and you're eager to help, head over to

the localizations in my github repo

and give me a hand :up:

If you're not, enjoy this release candidate and let me know about any kind of flaws you come across 😉


Comments on: "modern scroll 1.1" (13)

  1. Awesome work! :cheers: I want :banana: following customizations for scroll bar:-Transparency-Border Color-Super bar size controlTransparent control is really needed for Super-bar, otherwise it cause distraction. 😦

  2. Originally posted by christoph142:

    but I might implement it

    Thanks :beer: Originally posted by christoph142:

    How do you think this should work? Everything else but taking the width of the horizontal bar and the height of the vertical one would be confusing to use…

    I want to change width/height of SuperBar, but lets leave it. Just give me option to adjust transparency!

  3. 🙂

  4. -I mean Width/Height adjustment! ;)-And i don't like the mini version option, thats why i was asking for more transparency! :(-You can add "Configure" to right click menu, when clicked on Scroll bars! :up:-If you like add option that Clicking anywhere below or above scroll Bar should scroll to End/Start of page respectively.-Disable drag of scroll buttons (only adjustable in Option page), because sometime during click i accidentally drag it, then had to re adjust the position.I am asking too much! :doh:

  5. christoph142 said:

    You're getting more and more demanding :DCan we focus on the RC now? Any bugs so far? ^^

  6. Originally posted by christoph142:

    You're getting more and more demanding

    😆 Originally posted by christoph142:

    Can we focus on the RC now? Any bugs so far? ^^

    No bugs for me! Go for the release! :yes:

  7. Working flawless for me too. No problems.

  8. christoph142 said:

    Thx for the feedback guys!I just uploaded modern scroll 1.1 & Documents 2.0.2. They are (hopefully) gonna be published tomorrow.It's NOT identical to this RC, but unfortunately I can't make the newest changes available to you via GitHub at the moment. There's a bug in the app which prevents syncing. I'm in touch with GitHub's support to fix this

  9. Looking Forward! :cheers:

  10. christoph142 said:

    modern scroll as well as Documents made it through the approval process this time.Go get them while they're hot :cheers:

    … and don't forget to rate them 😉

  11. :yes:

  12. I 5'ed all you've done man. Great work and support. Do you have a job in IT or something?

  13. christoph142 said:

    Thanks :)I really appreciate all kinds of feedback. But the positive one is of course what I'm aiming for 😉

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