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modern scroll 1.2

Today I read a comment about modern scroll 1.1:

Originally posted by rafiz1990:

Now it's perfect 🙂

Besides being honored I felt like I have to come up to this comment. So in order to make it even more perfect, I'll share modern scroll 1.2 with you :yes: 😉 …


new: modern scroll can also be displayed in fullscreen mode only
new: enhanced possibilities to adjust the interface (colors, transparency, border)
new: interface gets updated when page content is expanded / contracted on click
fix: area next to scroll bars isn't clickable (thx Aleksey for reporting)
fix: background bars show up although they are disabled (thx laurenbacall for reporting)
fix: local files are not supported (thx TerDale for reporting)
fix: bars get visible every time new content is loaded even if the dimensions of the page do not change (thx Rizky for reporting)

changes from RC2 to final:

fix: images that you open separately in a new window are jumping weirdly when you drag the bars (mini page isn't displayed correctly yet. I'll try to fix this in 1.3. Looks like a pretty hard-to-find-workaround)
fix: if bars become necessary, they sometimes don't show up to indicate they are present
another time: speed improvements! *yay* dragging the bars was fast. Now it's blazingly fast :yes: 🙂


Comments on: "modern scroll 1.2" (9)

  1. Thank you 😀

  2. In my oppinion, the extension was complete by v1.1Now all these settings clutter the overall aspect of its settings.Maybe a button to hide the more advanced customisation options?

  3. christoph142 said:

    I added those options on request, not because I felt they are needed… ;)I restructured the options page a bit. I think it looks cleaner now. What do you think about it?Since it's a RC now you may go ahead and translate the new strings (should be done in 2 minutes this time). Thanks :up:

  4. Yup, now I think it looks more cleaner. Not so much clutter anymore. Thank you.Great extension.

  5. christoph142 said:

    You're welcome :)I updated the RC again and added quite some changes, which is unusual for an RC, but I felt like doing so. I hope you forgive me :PBesides the changes from beta to RC, which I marked in green, I also achieved performance improvements in RC2 when you scroll with your mouse or keyboard.Enjoy it and don't forget the translations :)I'll upload version 1.2 on Sunday if you don't encounter any issues :yes:

  6. missouriman2 said:

    Ive incountered problems focusing or entering data in fielda on a couple sites,Yahoo, and FaceBook, could you please fix this,(even shows shadow across screen from scroll bar position on yahoo, even when disabled, thanx

  7. christoph142 said:

    Not sure what you're talking about. Can you provide some links and possibly screenshots what's happening, please?

  8. The first Fix you posted. I had problems with the advertising on Wikipedia because of that. Thanks!

  9. 1.1 from the extension catalog and 1.2 RC2 from here. Maybe it's a one time situation.Cheers for the release of v1.2!

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