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modern scroll 1.4 beta

Beware of addiction!

Here comes awesomeness in a box :yes: …

In the meantime, modern scroll already ranks 3rd in the list of top rated extensions of all time. I'm sorry for ExtendTube and Ghostery. They surely are great extensions, but this update will probably make modern scroll jump to the top :cheers:

I now added the missing scrolling function for the mouse wheel and made all three of them interact. This means, that for example pressing an arrow key stops a running scrolling animation started by clicking the top scroll button.

So version 1.4 comprises the following


new: custom speedier scrolling functions
new: horizontal bar shortened to prevent overlapping
new: optionally animate scrolling

The intended functionality for this release is hereby achieved. There's probably going to be some further optimization as well as possible bug fixes, but these changes will mostly take part under the hood.
Hence, I welcome you guys to update the localizations once more :up:

beta 2:
the gap-setting now affects all 3 sides of the bars, which are in contact with the window's borders instead of only 1, which looks more harmonious. Additionally, it speeds up the calculation of the shortened horizontal bar :up:
Secondly, I added the needed explanations to settings. I think the way I implemented them makes it look ordered and provides the needed pieces of information at the same time. What do you think about it? And are the explanations understandable? Any additions/changes?

Thanks for testing, supporting, commenting, translating, reading, reporting and cheering. You're the best :cheers:


Comments on: "modern scroll 1.4 beta" (19)

  1. :yes: :yes:

  2. :cheers:

  3. anonymous said:

    Sally K. writes:You, and Modern Scroll, are both brilliant and amazing :). Mouse scrolling performance is now much, much slicker. Minor suggestions: improve the "Scrolling functions:" explanations/descriptions for "custom scrolling functions", "animate scrolling" and "automated scrolling". It'll be confusing for newcomers. Consider max speed setting of 300% or 400% (for Logitech free-spin users: we often just spin the wheel instead of clicking to reach page top and bottom. Indeed, I don't suppose you can detect a rapidly spinning wheel, and use that as a trigger to *accelerate* the speed?). Wishlist: add a configurable minimum time setting to trigger the hovered state, so that it expands when I mean it to, but not when I'm just passing over the scrollbar to reach a toolbar or menu or tabbar. Especially because it sometimes fails to retract if the cursor passes over too fast.

  4. christoph142 said:

    Sorry, loooooooong answer ahead: ^^Originally posted by Sally:

    You and modern scroll are both brilliant and amazing 🙂

    Very charming. I'm feeling honored. Thanks a lot :)Originally posted by Sally:

    Mouse scrolling performance is now much, much slicker

    The first one to actually report back to me if the scrolling functions have an impact at all on your machines. Thanks for that, too ;)Originally posted by Sally:

    explanations/descriptions […] confusing for newcomers

    I guessed that hardly anybody will mess around with those settings. Just as the superbar needs an explanation. Introducing a new concept but not telling people how to use it is a bit senseless. I know about it, I was just too lazy and didn't have a "brilliant and amazing" idea how to integrate this info yet. I'll wrap my head around this one in one of the next betas :idea:Originally posted by Sally:

    Consider max speed setting of 300% or 400%

    For sure. It doesn't cost anything to alter those limits. I just thought the range was sufficient testing it with my own mouseOriginally posted by Sally:

    Wishlist: add a configurable minimum time setting to trigger the hovered state

    Unable. It's pure CSS and works automatically. I don't want to add Javascript for dealing with it manually here since it might lower the performance and start feeling sluggish :doh: Originally posted by Sally:

    it sometimes fails to retract

    Another one of Opera's bugs. The same that happens if you hover the big pictures of recommended extensions on Opera's own catalog home page :down:Originally posted by Sally:

    I don't suppose you can detect a rapidly spinning wheel, and use that as a trigger to *accelerate* the speed?

    Just tested it. Turns out the way I implemented that function makes it actually possible to do that :up:

  5. On 'animate scrolling' option. I think you wanted to write 'automated scrolling', am I right?And I guess this is that function when you do a fast spinning with the wheel.Ok I found what it does now. Animate the scrolling with scroll buttons. I'll find a better translation for portuguese and english too.Animate scrolling option should be disabled if Scroll buttons are off

  6. christoph142 said:

    No it shouldn't. It doesn't only animate the scroll buttons but also affects mouse scrolling and clicking the background bars 😉

  7. Maelongalad said:

    I found a bug: this addon somehow prevents update of the pages with ajax. The most annoying it is on vk.com: i can't load chat dialogs, news "tabs", long pages loaded with ajax etc. I'm not sure that it is exactly your addon, but the symptoms disappeared after disabling it.Opera 12.12×64, Win7 x64

  8. christoph142 said:

    Originally posted by Maelongalad:

    this addon somehow prevents update of the pages with ajax

    Well, it can't be a general problem with Ajax. I'm using and testing Google, Facebook, etc. just as some pages of my own and they are all working fine. I don't have a vk.com-account, though.Please disable all other extensions, restart Opera and try it again only with modern scroll enabled and report back if it still persists.Thanks

  9. In my opinion, I think the Top Rated extensions are those of "Build-In function" functionality and quality. This also translates in MUST HAVE extensions.Great job! :wizard:

  10. Maelongalad said:

    Yeah, that was the conflict with updating DOM nodes. The page doesn't update content because with active addon there appears an error. Do you have any variable, like "window.iframeTransport"? To be precise, http://vk.com/js/al/common.js?973, line 2972. I'll look into eventually, but I don't have much time now.

  11. christoph142 said:

    no, I don't. Actually, I'm even explicitly excluding all iframes from being manipulated in any manner…

  12. anonymous said:

    Sally K. writes:The new descriptions are great. Looking forward to the spinning wheel mojo. Shame about the CSS trigger limitations, but I agree that performance must be king. I wonder about a setting to allow an invisible hover trigger distance? So we could have, for example, static 2px bars to indicate what's happening, but which could be manipulated (dragging, clicking, etc) within 15px. No mis-oscillating bars, no Opera-bug retraction failures, but still no need for ultra-precise aiming. It *might* get confusing, but I think it's worth trying?

  13. anonymous said:

    Sally K. writes:"Christoph(christoph142) # Monday, December 3, 2012 8:12:40 PMActually, I'm even explicitly excluding all iframes from being manipulated in any manner…". Hmm, this is a problem which has bitten me twice already. The M.Scroll global custom scrolling/animation functions still stop Opera's own functions (except manually dragging the scrollbar) in iFrames, even though M.Scroll's stop too. Result: no mouse or arrow key scrolling *at all* in iFrames! I can't live without M.Scoll's better scrolling now, so I think you'll need to include (an option) to *always* scroll with M.Scroll? At least in a test build to see if there are conflicts?

  14. christoph142 said:

    There are no modern scroll bars in iframes at all?! And it's impossible that it will stop Opera's standard scroll functions there. Iframes are NOT dealt with in any way (yet, cause I forgot that one would expect the extension to take over scrolling everywhere :D).See e.g. http://de.selfhtml.org/html/frames/anzeige/iframe.htmIt's scrollable with keys, mouse wheel, standard bars…edit: I found out, what you probably mean: Opera Mail for example uses an own scroll handler, which gets stopped just as the standard one, but the way the site is structured doesn't trigger modern scrolls own function. That's a problem, which of course needs to be solved before releasing it. Thanks for reporting!

  15. :chef: I did some testing for CPU usage:(Continues up/down scroll until CPU usage is almost constant)-disabled smooth scrolling-Default opera scroll uses about 17% CPU-23% CPU usage when enabled "custom function" (speed @ 150 for both)Is this expected result?

  16. christoph142 said:

    To be honest: I didn't care about the resource management at all. My goal was to maximize scrolling performance; even maxing out your CPU would be theoretically possible.

  17. anonymous said:

    Anonymous writes:I've been repairing pc's since about 1980, but about CSS I'm a dumb newbie. Opera has been my choice since v5. The appearance of the toolbars has given me trouble due to the face and background being so close in color. When I surf I keep wishing that the colors were more contrasted. I'm O.K. on websites that do that very thing. Now I'm exploring CSS and hoping I will be able to learn and perform good results visually. I am using Ubuntu 10.04.4 + Opera and trying different extensions like yours. Some seem to work, some don't seem to work. I wish you good fortune in your work.

  18. chothuemaychieuba said:

    thank for your addon!

  19. christoph142 said:

    You're welcome. If you like it, please also rate it in the extension catalog. Thanks 🙂

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