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Great, finally a new build of… wait, 1.5?!

Yes, 1.5!
The changes made between the last release (1.3.1) and this build are fundamental regarding performance and functionality. To reflect that, I decided to rename what was planned to be 1.4 into 1.5 (could be 2.0 as well, but it's hard to measure amounts of awesomeness :P) šŸ˜‰ …

beta 3:
fix: clicking a background bar may result in vertical and horizontal scrolling at the same time
fix: scroll buttons appear in iframes

beta 2:
It's been a long and frustrating day. I experimented around a lot. I wasn't able to get rid of all annoyances, though:
fix: keys in textareas / input fields
fix: Wikipedia (I chose a slightly different less aggressive approach. Sally, does it work for you now?)
fix: horizontal scrolling in iframes (only partially; background bars not working + horizontal and vertical scroll are interconnected)

beta 1:
I mainly took care of two issues since 1.4 beta 2:
#1 eventHandlers for the mouse wheel and the arrow keys, which the site possibly implements get canceled by modern scroll. In the case of MyOpera Mail for example, this leads to a loss of scrolling functionality
#2 iframes

#1: There are basically two possible methods to implement modern scroll's own handlers, both having their pros and cons:

1) adding an own eventHandler, which takes care of scrolling and cancels the default action (used in 1.4)
:up: manipulating the needed events only and leaving all of the others to the standard handlers
:down: issue #1

2) making the page "unscrollable" to Opera (now used in 1.5)
:up: modern scrolls own event handlers can be hooked without canceling existing handlers (cause Opera's handlers got disabled). Thus, handlers added by the website stay intact
:down: this gets rid of all of Opera's scrolling handlers not only the ones needed by modern scroll

I didn't have a real choice here since solution 1 renders some sites unusable. So, to get rid of the negative aspect of solution 2, I now had to integrate further handlers. This works fine. The only possible negative consequences might occur, if I forgot to re-implement a way of scrolling.
I tested (and re-added if necessary):
interface (e.g. clicking the bars, buttons)
+ mouse wheel
+ arrow keys
+ PageUp, PageDown, End, Pos1 keys
+ middle clicking the mouse wheel and dragging

Do you know of any other ways that I possibly forgot (and if yes, are they working)?

#2: Even though you disable Opera's scroll bars, iframes keep showing them. There's nothing you (as a mainstream user) can do about it. But I can:
As I told you before: all ways of scrolling are gone if you set the page "unscrollable". Consequently, it also removes the scroll bars :up: (This also means, that iframes have to use modern scroll's custom scrolling functions to be scrollable at all then)

Enjoy this build, keep your eyes open for possible regressions and please report back to me if you encounter anything unexpected. Thanks šŸ™‚

PS: modern scroll will now also automatically hide Opera's standard bars if you decide to use its custom scrolling functions (default). This gives you the opportunity to keep them enabled and thus have them present in Opera's internal pages for example. The only "disadvantage" is, that they will be temporarily visible during site loading in this case :headbang:


Comments on: "modern scroll 1.5 beta 1 – 3" (20)

  1. That some great piece of work! :cheers: I think this should be released as major update (2.0 ;)) and please don't forget about integrating "Click to drag" functionality in this release! :yes:

  2. anonymous said:

    Sally K. writes:Put.io's popups use this stuff, in case that helps: http://docs.intercom.io/

  3. anonymous said:

    Sally K. writes:A few glitches, so far, I'm afraid. First a biggie: with Custom Scrolling Functions, Wikipedia pages won't fully load (and if they're already loaded, they won't scroll). ////// Secondly, with M.Scroll (even without Custom Scrolling), using Home and End within a text box (like this one) acts on the whole page, not on the typed text. ////// Thirdly, Put.io has a popup messaging system which seems to be created by CSS and JS (the source refers to an "IModalOverlay" which I hope means more to you than to me). With just Opera, the popup scrolls normally, and the background page doesn't (and can't be at all, while the popup exists. I guess that's what modal means). But with Custom Scrolling, scrolling the popup also scrolls the background page. And the background page can be scrolled without scrolling the popup. Whilst with M.Scroll without Custom Scrolling, only the background page scrolls (the popup only scrolls with the keyboard). ////// Sorry, lots to keep you busy …

  4. could be 2.0 as well, but it's hard to measure amounts of awesomeness


    all ways of scrolling are gone if you set the page "unscrollable". Consequently, it also removes the scroll bars

    But i still see scroll-bar in Gmail, should not it be gone? :left:

    keep your eyes open for possible regressions and please report back to me if you encounter anything unexpected

    :chef: :up:

  5. Strange behavior in IFrames, please visit the following URL:http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtml_iframe_scrolling-Horizontal drag/scroll not possible-Too big Scroll buttons (I think you should set the button size to the percentage of the container. e.g. if user has set 80,30 size in preference page, then scroll button should be 80%, 30% of container)

  6. christoph142 said:

    Originally posted by Sally:

    Wikipedia pages won't fully load (and if they're already loaded, they won't scroll)

    Fixed. I updated the builds. Re-download to get the working version :up:I'm not using put.io, but I know about the "modal"-glitches (applies to put.io just as the keys). As I said: I had to re-implement all functions from scratch. They probably are incomplete. I'll incrementally fix that (hopefully ^^)…Originally posted by mubaidr:

    i still see scroll-bar in Gmail, should not it be gone?

    That's not an iframe, but a div-container in the page. Not dealt by modern scrollOriginally posted by mubaidr:

    Horizontal drag/scroll not possible

    Reproducible and veeeery strange (it actually scrolls to top :faint:). I'll have to have a closer look at it :ko:

  7. anonymous said:

    Sally K. writes:Sorry, Wikipedia isn't fixed for me yet. I cleared cache; re-downloaded; installed; re-started. ||||||| Also, Home and End keys within a text input box are still wonky (I know you didn't say you fixed that yet).

  8. Originally posted by christoph142:

    That's not an iframe, but a div-container in the page. Not dealt by modern scroll

    Ohh… ok then! :)Originally posted by christoph142:

    Not reproducible. Maybe another extension interfering…?

    Stange, it only happens when MScroll is enabled :eyes: There must be some conflict between MScroll and some other extension.:knight: Tested again and its working fine now, dont know what was causing this issue yesterday! :left:

  9. christoph142 said:

    Originally posted by Sally:

    Wikipedia isn't fixed for me

    Can you send a specific link that doesn't work? All pages that I open are working fine over here (interference with another extension?) :confused: offtopic: I just started to be disappointed because scrolling wasn't 100% smooth on my laptop with the new blog design in here. I deactivated the extension to see if I screwed up something and even default scrolling would be better; just one comment: Oh my god!!! Has scrolling always been that bad in Opera? :yikes:

  10. anonymous said:

    Sally K. writes:All Wikipedia pages are broken for me, e.g. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opera. In fact they fully load, but only the first screenfull of the main body is displayed (Author Mode shows the whole page). So if you scroll down a bit, the main content ends (though the sidebar displays all the way down). Like this: http://s12.postimage.org/rtxukp6wb/mscroll.pngDisabling all other extensions makes no difference. Unselecting "Use custom scrolling functions" instantly fixes it, without even needing to reload the page. Are you serving the fixed version? I have modern+scroll.oex Size: 68615 CRC-32: E243C5C8 MD5: AC161EA7824185CD647D6A574C299B76offtopic: yes Opera's default scrolling really, really sucks, by comparison. So you really, really must now devote your life to perfecting Modern Scroll šŸ˜‰

  11. On this page: http://computergames.ro/stiri/Modern Scroll appears, but it's immobile and the normal scroll bar (running on Windows 8) appears under the Modern scroll one and that is the one that scrolls.Actually the issue happens everywhere on http://computergames.ro .

  12. Also, I don't know if it's an issue on your part, but no scroll bar appears when using the cleanPages extension.

  13. christoph142 said:

    Yeah, I filed a bug report earlier today about those re-appearing standard bars (also at Google and Facebook) (DSK-379320) :down:I'll have a look at that site tomorrow.I guess CleanPages really cleans the page… šŸ˜›

  14. Another issue, again, on http://computergames.ro/ . The scrolling isn't as smooth as before, with 1.3.1 and 1.4.Actually, scrolling isn't smooth on this very blog either.

  15. christoph142 said:

    Yeah, we all make mistakes… There's nothing wrong about it. As long as you admit and correct them, right? ;)I guess switching to the second version came along with more disadvantages than advantages. I'll have to put some more work in it to get that straightened out.Maybe I'll switch back to solution number one and either alter my scrolling functions to work for MyOpera and similar sites or exclude them from custom scrolling.

  16. christoph142 said:

    Originally posted by Acryion:

    scrolling isn't smooth on this very blog either

    Deactivate the extension. That's horrible!!!Opera obviously has some serious performance issues for huge background pictures. It's working wonders already, but it looks like a wonder is not enough here :DThe original solution (1.4) makes things a bit smoother (But still not 100% – there are limits)…

  17. anonymous said:

    Sally K. writes:On Beta 3, Wikipedia and text input is fixed, thanks! ||||| No fix yet at Put.io / docs.intercom.io (scrolling modal popup scrolls background page too). ||||| New bug at Twitter: it all works, but I get *both* Opera *and* M.Scroll scrollbars (whether or not I've disabled scrollbars within the Opera Prefs), e.g. https://twitter.com/opera

  18. christoph142 said:

    Yeah, I know about those bars. Another Opera bug. See this comment.I hope beta 4 will fix all known issues… And possibly not create new ones :faint:

  19. Hi Christoph, thanks for you hard work !so, I grabbed your last beta 1.5 beta 3 and I insalled it .. it's ways better than the 1.3.1 for sure but I found a little bughttp://i.imgur.com/jP5SE.jpgthere are that weird opera scroll barre, it shows only for twitter AFAIK with the modernscroll extension barre, as you see in the screenshot, it doesn't show for other websites: myopera, reddit, ..etc even though the scroll barre is disabled.good luck šŸ˜‰

  20. christoph142 said:

    I'm glad you like it :)See my comment above. It's a bug in Opera which makes the standard bars re-appear although they are disabled. Approximately bug number 100 which I have to work around in modern scroll *sigh*But beta 4 will fix this. Promised! šŸ˜‰

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