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:bug: bugs bugs bugs :bug:

Bugs are annoying. That's why whenever I (or you) come across one in my extensions, I try to fix them ASAP.

If you have a bigger program such as Opera itself, that's not possible anymore and you start categorizing them into "fix ASAP", "fix some day" and "who cares".

My extensions are affected by a wide range of Opera's bugs and this post is going to elaborate a bit on that. …

  • DSK-380461 (number input fields go crazy when CPU is maxed out):bug:
    Sally reported this issue in modern scroll's options page a while back, but I wasn't able to reproduce it. Probably my laptop is a bit stronger than hers, so it didn't occur to me. I guess the whole extension got more complex now and thus it's affecting my (still pretty weak) laptop as well.
    You can see the issue in the test case, which I created now that I found out what's the cause.
    If it doesn't happen, it means your computer isn't maxed out yet. In this case just increase the loop counter until it happens.
  • DSK-379613 (widget id shown instead of title for Javascript confirm windows):bug:
    It's a minor flaw, but it looks unprofessional…
  • DSK-379320 (Opera's standard bars are shown although they are disabled):bug:
    This was the issue several of you guys reported to me. There's no workaround for this bug, so I had to drop my custom scrolling approach completely and think of another way to do it.
    It's happening nevertheless in popup windows of various websites, e.g. flyordie.com, avm.de, frombar.tv
  • DSK-378345 (position:fixed behaves like position:absolute):bug:
    A weired wrong positioning that I initially came across in my own testing environment (scroll a bit down and right and reload the page). It also happens e.g. at http://www.daten-deutschland.de
  • DSK-378218 (fails to remove EventListener if function is called via the context menu):bug:
    This only happens if the EventListener got registered to window.opera. To get rid of it, I alternatively registered it to the window-object directly
  • DSK-377922 (extensions behave differently installed in developer mode and packed as an extension):bug:
    This one is really driving me bonkers. It mainly affects Documents. To test an algorithm I always have to pack a new extension first cause most of the times those which are working in developer mode aren't working as extension and vice versa. It happened to me in modern scroll as well, though :down:
  • DSK-375403 (hover effect (animated or after a timeout) starts / persists even though you're not hovering the element anymore):bug:
    I had to put a JavaScript and a CSS workaround in place for this.
    JS because the background bars don't narrow again when you hover them too quickly (e.g. moving the mouse out of an iframe across the bars to the main frame)
    CSS because the bars will fade out and back in if you move your mouse out and back over the bars (impossible to fix entirely)
    Plus I can't implement the request to trigger the bars after a certain timeout only since they would stay visible forever then in most of the cases.
    btw: This is the reason for stuck extension preview panels in Opera's own catalog, too!
  • DSK-?????? (wrong rendering of HTML elements over Flash content):bug:
    I need a transparent div which is completely covering the screen to prevent interaction with the website. This is the reason that e.g. YouTube videos (other types of Flash content as well, but not all of them) turn blank as soon as you start dragging the bars.
    This error also affects Smart Clipboard: If you open it on YouTube so that at least parts of it cover the video, you will notice that the part over it isn't round anymore and completely opaque.
  • DSK-?????? (fixed elements drastically slow down scrolling and tear the website apart during scrolling):bug:
    IMHO this one is really severe. A guy reported that he suspected his graphics card to be broken after enabling modern scroll's scroll buttons. Opera (at least in software rendering mode in Windows – I don't know about other platforms) seems to scroll the part left of the left edge of the buttons and the one below and right of the button separately. That's a general problem with fixed content in websites as well and leads to huge performance impairments.
    The issue can be seen e.g. @ http://www.nzz.ch/wissen/wissenschaft/aus-gift-wird-gold-1.17982686 (scroll down half the page until the proposed-articles-popup appears and then press the up and down arrow keys incrementally over the pictures)
  • NOT REPORTED (visibilitychange and focus events aren't always fired correctly):bug:
    I'm hiding modern scroll's bars whenever another tab gets focused. I had to realize, however, that the focus event doesn't fire whenever a popup gets closed and the parent page regains focus. In addition to this, visibilitychange doesn't fire when a popup is opened. So the parent tab as well as the popup will have an instance working side by side
  • DSK-380871 (extension data deleted upon restart)fixed in 12.13 :up:
    see this post


  • DSK-xxxxxx = still an issue
  • DSK-xxxxxx = fixed by Opera (lots of green in here… :whistle: 😆 )

I could go on and on, but I guess you get my point: extension development is sometimes really tricky and annoying. And Opera's bugs often are the real reason for "bugs in my extension".

I'd love to see them fixed, but most of them probably landed in Opera's "who cares"-bug-category…


Comments on: ":bug: bugs bugs bugs :bug:" (4)

  1. I hope soon these and more bugs will be fixed by Opera.:cheers: For you efforts for both developing extensions and Reporting Opera bugs.

  2. Unfortunately, even though I (and we all) love Opera, I think it still is the buggiest major browser out there.Sure Chrome, Firefox, IE10, Maxthon have bugs, but none on the large scale Opera has.

  3. Originally posted by Christoph142:

    DSK-378345 (position:fixed behaves like position:absolute)

    Whe I tried to validate your site through the W3C validator I got 3 errors, try fixing them to see if anything changes. Probably not, but why not try?

  4. christoph142 said:

    It doesn't… (those "errors" were just laziness, e.g. I don't care about a title of the document if it's just for my own testing purpose) 😉

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