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Documents 2.0.5

Another tiny Christmas gift is lingering in here for you 🙂 …

Documents 2.0.5 got published in the catalog :up:


fix: shinydemos.com (thx Gregor for reporting)

  • excluded the site since there are no documents on it

upd: overhaul of the options page

  • added a favicon
  • set default values in HTML
  • moved all scripts into a single folder
  • fixed language menu (reacted to clicks in the whole upper area of the options page)
  • changed all Javascript comparisons into non-converting ones
  • shrank Javascript from 151 down to 37 lines without compromising speed, features or usability :up:

Enjoy it 🙂


Comments on: "Documents 2.0.5" (16)

  1. I can't manage to install it either way.

  2. christoph142 said:

    Sorry for that. GitHub for Windows seems to break the extension. I don't know why. I uploaded it to my own server now 😉

  3. Now it worked. Great!

  4. Jozef writes:OK-max

  5. I found an issue, but I don't think you can do something about it.I recieved my Cambridge results, and the page I was on suggested I should open the test results with Adobe Reader. And..it opens just fine with Adobe Reader, but if I try to open with Documents, there is just a lot ammount of bluberish.Any ideas?

  6. Also, the site (or Opera, as you mentioned) is hell bent on showing the test results only with Adobe Reader on Opera. Foxit isn't working either, although on Firefox Foxit shows no issues.

  7. christoph142 said:

    I think Documents is affected by the same bug that renders modern scroll unusable in 12.12.I came across that a few days ago. Just wait for Opera to fix it :down:

  8. christoph142 said:

    Let's hope 12.13, 12.50 or whatever comes next will get better again.Even I as an extension developer who used to be pretty passionate about Opera can't stand all those issues anymore…There's a reason why Opera lost a third of its users in 2012!

  9. I mostly atribute that loss to the release of version 12.00 alone. Dunno about most platforms, but it was a hellish mess on Windows, going as far as saying it was DOA on Windows 8 at the time.Even I stayed away from Opera 12.00. I kept returning for the Next Updates, but my main browser was Firefox Nightly during the summer :D.

  10. laurenbacall said:

    I'd have to agree that version 12 is quite buggy in various ways, and slow. Although it's been so long since I've used v11 that I can't remember if it was much better :confused:.As for the Documents extension I like the concept :), and installed it a while ago, but have had to disable it's function for PDF viewing for two reasons:One is that it actually rewrites the original URL links within a page, which prevents right-clicking and saving the file directly.The other reason is some sites use links that redirect to PDF files but don't link directly to them (yet with a URL that still ends with "…..pdf"), the Documents extension mistakes such links as the direct link and rewrites the original URL breaking the redirection and returning gibberish in the form of a Google Docs file.

  11. christoph142 said:

    You can get rid of 1) by using the extended method. It doesn't manipulate the links in this case. And 2) shouldn't be an issue anymore. I changed the detection algorithm a while ago. It's next to impossible to get false trues now.If you can still find an example just drop a comment :up:

  12. laurenbacall said:

    Thanks for the tip, issue number one is solved. However issue number two still exists, take a look at this example from ikeafans.com (an Ikea forum that hosts PDF manuals of products):http://www.ikeafans.com/forums/ikea-instructions/21716-abstrakt-oven-panel-instructions-annotated.htmlThe 'Abstrakt_oven_panel.pdf' attached in the first post should normally redirect to a login page if logged out, but with Documents enabled it redirects to a Google Docs page, mistaking it for the raw PDF.I'm not sure if there's any other way to detect file formats other than the extension, but perhaps with MIME types?

  13. christoph142 said:

    MIME type checking works fine for PDF, but doesn't for most of the other supported file types.I didn't want to split the detection into different methods…

  14. I like posting bugs here so I don't make a bad image for you in the Extension catalog :DHere it goes. Again, I'm almost certain this too isn't your extension's fault, but I'm throwing it out here anyway:http://www.geforce.com/drivers/results/56530 . Scroll to the bottom of this page and you will find "Release Notes (v313.95)" . While a pdf, I'm aware that (and I don't think that) Google Docs can access it, because it's hosted on nVidia's site, or something like that.So … ?

  15. christoph142 said:

    It's nVidia's fault. Try to download the original file. It says "File not found"! There simply is no file to display it 😉

  16. The twats!

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