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There still was an issue with the custom scrolling function for the mouse wheel:

It was "insanely fast" on Mac OS :down:

Go get modern scroll 2.1.2 :up: …

Changes since first 2.1.2 build:

  • fix: options page in fresh installations (not upgraded from 2.0)
  • fix: mouse scrolling on Mac

Changes since 2.1.1:

  • new: pressing Enter in configuration's name field in options page saves it

Since this fix mainly targets Mac users, I request you guys and girls in particular to give feedback!


Comments on: "“Macs out” scrolling [modern scroll 2.1.2]" (9)

  1. laurenbacall said:

    Distance versionThe minimum amount I can scroll using the trackpad (regardless of the System Preferences setting of 'Tracking Speed'):wheel distance: -40wheel distance (x): 0wheel distance (y): -40Second slowest movement:wheel distance: -80wheel distance (x): 0wheel distance (y): -80An example when I scroll quickly:Note: I receive multiple messages when scrolling with a fast movement, most of the time two messages – one a large number followed by a smaller number like 40. For even faster scrolling movement across the touchpad there are multiple messages, increasing to a peak number then decreasing to a smaller number. It seems there is an acceleration amount then a slight deceleration.wheel distance: -560wheel distance (x): 0wheel distance (y): -560Even up to:wheel distance: -12920wheel distance (x): 0wheel distance (y): -12920:eyes:Unfortunately I forgot to plug in and test my scrollwheel mouse before installing the second test version, so when I remembered and reinstalled the 'distance' version it no longer displayed the pop-up messages.I believe this may have to do with way Opera handles version numbers, it may confuse extensions with identical version numbers in some manner (even if one has already been uninstalled). I've found that now installing any of the 2.1.1 versions doesn't show scrollbars after installing the first 'distance' test version of 2.1.1. Perhaps if Opera supports it test versions could be individually versioned to an additional decimal place.Alternate test extensionDidn't show up, couldn't get it to display any scrollbars. Also all the settings were blank. Possibly related to the above paragraph.Other quirksAlthough unrelated to these test versions see my other comment about an issue I'm having saving configurations, and also the info tooltips not appearing on hover.I'm sure you'll find a way to solve the Mac scrolling bug! :sherlock: Keep it up!: :happy:

  2. christoph142 said:

    Regarding tooltips and saving:Another glimpse at Opera's poor extension implementation.If they used different variables, I could understand that it gets messed up, but not with almost identical extensions from different sources.I uploaded another version (2.1.2). If your issues should persist uninstall the current version. Restart Opera and then install the new one. This clears all modern scroll settings.Thanks for reporting the distances. It does what I expected it to do. Version 2.1.2 should do better :up:

  3. anonymous said:

    Anonymous writes:Whats wrong for this extension to have insanely fast scrolling?

  4. Is it normal for the keyboard scrolling and mouse scrolling to behave this differently?

  5. christoph142 said:

    Yes. They are entirely different because JavaScript has a keydown and keyup event, which signal start and end of scrolling for the keyboard whereas it only knows "wheel" for a mousewheel movement – no start and end :down:As a result I cannot use the same implementation…

  6. laurenbacall said:

    Ahh, nice one Christoph! The scrolling is now under control and comparable to the standard speed (although slightly speedier).It still feels a bit sensitive when scrolling gently with the touchpad, and the page scrolls less smoothly than the default, but I probably will stay on the default anyway for the touchpad as I'm used to it.When using an actual mousewheel, however, the custom scrolling function is much better than the default. I think the improvements you've made in 2.1.2 will suit most users well.I've uploaded a video capture comparing the two settings on the touchpad. The capture drops a couple frames here and there due to it originally being a fullscreen capture cropped down.Update: Tried saving with Enter, doesn't work for me 😦 Neither do the tooltips. Uninstalled the disabled v2.1, and the running v2.1.2, restarted and freshly installed v2.1.2 but still nothing :confused:. The last version these functions worked for me was 2.0.

  7. Originally posted by laurenbacall:

    Tried saving with Enter, doesn't work for me Neither do the tooltips.

    Confirmed, both functions are not working for too. 😦 I only has one version installed 2.1.1

  8. christoph142 said:

    Sorry for that. It was a little flaw with the default configuration set which prevented the tooltips and the enter-key from working correctly.The new build should fix this :up:

  9. laurenbacall said:

    Originally posted by christoph142:

    The new build should fix this

    It works now 😆 Had to uninstall the current 2.1.2 version, restart Opera, then install the second 2.1.2 version to clear all settings first.

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