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modern scroll 2.1.1

I finally got the first complaint(*) about the misbehaviors of the custom scrolling functions.

This bugfix-update irons out some of the reported issues to provide the same quality to Mac users that Windows users are enjoying already :up: …

Go get it: modern scroll 2.1.1


  • fix: keyboard commands using ⌘ Cmd
  • upd: Portuguese localization (thx André)

It should get published in Opera's catalog tomorrow :up:

(*) not entirely true since Lauren reported the "insanely fast scrolling" with her MacBook touchpad during 2.0's beta stage.


Comments on: "modern scroll 2.1.1" (3)

  1. HiI tested this 2.1.1 version, and it is great improvement, but not yet perfect.Back/Forward buttons work, ⌘ Cmd arrow also, I'll suppose all ⌘ Cmd commands too. (can't be sure, don't know them all, haven't got the time to find them all out…)Wheel scrolling speed is still too fast for my liking, I suppose user adjustable speed would be best solution, maybe. Help/info texts (i balloons) doesn't show up when i is clicked.Good work, I say.

  2. christoph142 said:

    Thanks! :)If one ⌘ Cmd-command works, they all do. So I can consider this one fixed :up:The tooltips are supposed to show up as soon as you hover them, not upon clicking…Concerning the mouse: I have to admit, that I don't really have a clue what's happening on MacOS there. I thought it was the distance reported by the trackpad, which is faulty, but I set that manually now in 2.1.1 and it didn't change anything?Or did you mean it's still too fast, but slower than before?

  3. Tooltips doesn't show up, no matter what.Wheel scrolling is slower. It's not insanely fast anymore, just too fast for my liking. I could imagine that someone would prefer this kind of speed.

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