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A new bug (DSK-380871) arose in Opera and it's severely affecting modern scroll:

modern scroll disappears as soon as you restart Opera!

I now found the culprit!

There's a newly introduced bug in the "Delete Private Data"-function of clean Opera 12.12 (12.13 fixes this :up:) installations, which wipes out extension data.
To get rid of the bug

  1. go to Opera → Settings → Delete Private Data…
  2. uncheck "Delete persistent storage" (if you don't want it to actually delete anything go ahead and uncheck all of them)
  3. click "Delete" to make it save your choice
  4. Now you can either open modern scroll's options page and press F5 or uninstall modern scroll, restart Opera and reinstall it to permanently make it work :up:

You can re-enable "Delete persistent storage" now if you want to. The bug should be gone.

Man, that sucked :ko:


Comments on: "Simply gone [COLOR=green][solved][/COLOR]" (11)

  1. "wuid-3040f36e-5e8b-c840-ac87-386ca45d30d0" is working, if "wuid-223.." is not working.I install and get "wuid-223.." then uninstall and delete it with "modern-scroll-2.1.2.oex" from "LocalOperaOperawidgets" then close browser and reinstall again to get "wuid-3040..".if we doing right, size of "pstorage3170000000" will be 4,570 byte.Even now, your modern scroll still work fine with my Opera so I think problem maybe not about your extension but addons.opera.com site or Opera itself still cache old version address when download it.

  2. christoph142 said:

    Since it only happens in Opera 12.12 (not even 12.11) and doesn't throw any console errors, it's highly unlikely to be an error in the extension itself.However, only modern scroll seems to be affected and the exact same thing (stops working upon restart) happens, when I do a clean Opera USB install and use a freshly zipped modern scroll build.So caching of old versions as well as a bug of the extension catalog's publishing system can be ruled out :/

  3. I don't see any problems here with win8 and opera:next (12.12 build 1707).Installation works, configuration works, extension is still visible and working after restart.but maybe i've missed something.

  4. christoph142 said:

    Dann hast du entweder die Installation von einer früheren Opera-Installation aktualisiert oder schon mit den Privatsphäre-Einstellungen gespielt… 😉

  5. eigentlich hab ich nur opera auf mein neu installiertes windows aufgespielt und maildatenbank sowie urlfilter drüberkopiert.operaprefs.ini u.ä. hab ich eigentlich nicht angerührt.

  6. There's an install/uninstall, settings, configurations issue with some extensions in 12.12. In my case the 3 affected ext. are TurnOffTheLight, ExtendTube and Modern Scroll. TurnOffTheLight is such a problem that I gave it up. It's conflicting with ExtendTube. When I restart Opera, from time to time, not systematically, Opera starts with the ExtendTube configurations Tab. My user settings are lost, replaced by default ones. I must reconfigure it as after a new install. For Modern Scroll, it only works once, just after a new fresh install. If I close Opera and reopen it Modern Scroll is unactive, replaced by Default scroll. It works as if Modern Scroll had not been installed. However it still appears in the Manage Extensions page as if it were installed. There are many bugs/regressions in 12.12. One of the big issue is add-ons/extensions management.

  7. christoph142 said:

    That's not entirely true for modern scroll.There still is an evidence: the context menu entry stays while the interface is gone.Did you try the fix out of this blog post?

  8. I'm not sure to follow you. Which menu entry are you speaking of ? And which interface ? Right now Modern scroll is installed (or supposed to be). In the Manage Extensions tab, modern scroll is listed as installed and enabled. However when I scroll on any site it is scrolling the old way, i.e pretty slowly and without the modern bar, which makes me think it's not recognized by 12.12. Unfortunately I think 12.12 is a disappointing evolution. Could return to 12.11 which seemed more stable and less buggy. I must add that it works fine in Win 7. The issue is with Vista.

  9. christoph142 said:

    It works fine if you do not have a CLEAN 12.12!If it's messed up like in your Vista-installation, you need to follow the four steps mentioned in this blog post 😉

  10. rebirthrebirth said:

    Thanks a lot bro, i've fix the problem by your way

  11. sxylsbbndfree said:

    Thanks for the new release

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