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modern scroll 2.1.4

I'm eventually running out of words, so I'll get straight to the point:

Here's another bug fix release :chef: …

Download modern scroll 2.1.4 :up:


new: improved classification of input fields

  • pressing arrow keys in input fields should be more reliable now


fix: detection of scrollable elements (thx Ahoj1234 for reporting)
fix: arrow keys aren't working in input fields of type search (thx Acryion for reporting)
upd: Turkish localization (thx metude)

Happy testing :cheers:


Comments on: "modern scroll 2.1.4" (11)

  1. Now it works nice 🙂

  2. christoph142 said:

    Yeah, it is, but I discontinued CSS PrefixR quite some time ago.I will implement another method of mouse scrolling. It's just not as easy as for the keyboard since (I already elaborated on that before) the keys have a keydown and keyup event which mark the beginning and end of scrolling, while the mouse wheel only knows a wheel-event, so only start but no end. That's why I can't simply copy it over and use it for the mouse, too.It needs some time 😉

  3. teresaejunior said:

    Hello, Christoph! I love your extension!It offers an option to set the scrolling speed when scrolling with the keyboard, but not with the mouse, and, because scrolling with the keyboard won't work unless the web page is focused (the keyboard might be focused on an input field or on the interface), I'd love to be able to set the scrolling speed for the mouse wheel as well! (Please, please, please :cry:)Also, you might want to tell your users that the extension "CSS PrefixR" conflicts with yours on some websites, like Wikipedia, for example, where the scrollbar will remain on top.EDIT: just found out CSS PrefixR is yours too! I have blacklisted these websites that conflict with Modern Scroll:wikipedia.orgwordproject.orgThank you!

  4. teresaejunior said:

    Ah, very good, thank you!

  5. christoph142 said:

    Uuuuuh, I'm making some huge progress right now. Looks like a breakthrough. Check back this afternoon. Mouse wheel scrolling is going to get as awesome as keyboard scrolling

  6. Yeei, thanks for the fix. Also, I'm honored you mentioned my name in the changelog.Now let's see if it's as bug free as Opera's APIs permit.

  7. :yes: Can't wait! :hat: 😆

  8. christoph142 said:

    You don't have to wait anymore! :yes: :up:

  9. That sounds uber-cool. I can barely wait.

  10. Well where is it? :wait:

  11. christoph142 said:

    In the new blog post 😉

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