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modern scroll 2.2

My custom scrolling function for the mouse wasn't as good as the one for the keyboard.

But you know me…

It's time to "stop being sad [about it] and be awesome instead"! :yes: 😆 …

Here you go: modern scroll 2.2 :up:

Version 2.2 replaces 2.1.4. All changes of the preceding version are included in here.
To prevent all pieces of information from being scattered all over the place, here's the combined


new: completely redesigned scrolling for mouse and trackpad

  • smooth
  • with adjustable speed
  • adjustable distance to be scrolled per rotation

new: all kinds of scrolling are even smoother
new: improved classification of input fields

  • pressing arrow keys in input fields should be more reliable now

fix: detection of scrollable elements (thx Ahoj1234 for reporting)
fix: arrow keys aren't working in input fields of type search (thx Cryio for reporting)
fix: PgUp/PgDwn/Home/End keys in select fields (thx André for reporting)
fix: milliyet.com.tr (thx Mağruf for reporting)
upd: Turkish localization (thx metude)

I hope that the new mouse scrolling implementation works on all devices just as nice as over here.
The performance on this very blog even noticeably beats Chrome on my machine! :wizard: :hat:

Keep the feedback coming 😉


Comments on: "modern scroll 2.2" (73)

  1. christoph142 said:

    Originally posted by Acryion:

    on theverge.com , when reading some article, if I press the "+" key, the page insta-scrolls to the bottom

    Sorry, this one isn't reproducible either. But I can almost guarantee that it's not caused (directly) by modern scroll since I'm explicitly only listening to the arrow keys and PgUp/PgDn/Home/End. :drunk:

  2. If I see it again, I'll notice you.Now instead, I remembered about another bug, because I encountered it again. Only on theverge.com , when reading some article, if I press the "+" key, the page insta-scrolls to the bottom, ocasionally. This has been happening since the 2.1.4 builds.

  3. I'll check into it. About the other problem, I didn't have any more access to the laptop recently, to search for errors.

  4. I may have found a new bug, although I don't think it's Modern Scroll's fault this time: http://books.google.ro/books?id=oi8EAAAAMBAJ&printsec=frontcover&source=gbs_ge_summary_r&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q&f=true

  5. christoph142 said:

    Very strange. What the heck did Google intend to do with that part below the screen?!I agree with you. It's not a bug since modern scroll does what it's supposed to do, but unhandy. Guess I'll exclude Google Books in the next version…

  6. Originally posted by christoph142:

    Sorry, not reproducible with my laptop :left: Press Ctrl+Shift+O when it happens the next time and have a look if there's a JavaScript error please :sherlock:

    Hey, I'm back on the laptop. The problem surfaced again, of course, this time on Yahoo Mail.I looked through the Error Console, but could not find anything related to Javascript. Only lots and lots of CSS warnings, but nothing related to Modern Scroll.:confused:

  7. christoph142 said:

    You can select JavaScript instead of all in the lower left corner. That makes spotting things easier :sherlock: ;)But if there's no error, it really isn't caused by modern scroll and thus I can't fix it…edit: Well, it could be that e.g. an input element has focus, but the site is scrollable nevertheless. In this case (when modern scroll fails to correctly determine the scroll-ability) it falls back to Opera's default… 💡

  8. christoph142 said:

    Did you try clicking the page somewhere or hitting Esc?That should solve the "issue" if it really is focus-related. You can skip all the German comments. I've summed it up at the bottom for you :up:

  9. I did select Javascript in the console and it didn't show anything.I just don't get it why my notebook misbehaves while my PC and other PCs work just fine.Oh well…At least it doesn't happen to often.

  10. hmmm, nachdem opera nun endlich mal zur aktuellen version bei mir geupdatet hat, funktioniert das scrollen mit dem mausrad nicht mehr.in 2.1.3 gings noch, scrollen mit tastatur und über die eingeblendeten scrollleisten geht auch weiterhin.ausprobiert hab ich das ganze mit opera-next 12.13.1733 (win8 x64)edit:manchmal gehts manchmal nicht, aber wenn ich mit dem mausrad scrolle und es nicht geht, spuckt dragonfly folgendes aus:Invalid value for property: transition"top NaNms linear"da scheint was mit der berechnung der zeitangabe nicht ganz zu passen

  11. christoph142 said:

    Interessant.Eigentlich dürfte bei diesem Fehler aber maximal die Leiste springen. Das Scrollen sollte davon nicht betroffen sein.Handelt es sich um bestimmte Seiten oder Situationen?

  12. hm ne, das passiert überall. andere erweiterungen hab ich bis auf webm+ nicht installiert, schau aber grade noch weiter durch, ob ich was genaueres finde.unter linux funktioniert das hier mit der gleichen opera version wunderbar…. kurios kurios 😀

  13. christoph142 said:

    Läuft unter Linux auch schon 12.13? Bzw. hört es auf, wenn du auf 12.12 downgradest?Ich hab nämlich in den englischen Ratings einen Vermerk über das gleiche Problem nach dem Update auf 12.13.Generell würde ich pauschal mal wieder auf einen neuen Bug in Opera tippen. Sonst würde es nie funktionieren statt mal so mal so.So langsam macht das keinen Spaß mehr… :faint:

  14. ja, unter linux ist auch 12.13, selber build. 12.12 teste ich nachher mal, hab ich grade nicht parat.edit:so, ich hab jetzt mal mit einer usb-version von 12.12 rc2 unter windows getestet. dabei fällt mir folgendes auf:1. irgendwas passte mit der konfiguration nach dem installieren der extension nicht (also alle zahlen waren NaN oder die felder leer, alle checkboxen waren aktiv)2. ich hab sogut es ging die config in ordnung gebracht und die extension wird geladen (scrollbar.js taucht bei df auf), aber ich seh rechts keine scrollleiste. scrollen mit mausrad geht aber bei der version … :Dedit 2:ich hab das problem gefunden ;)nachdem bei 12.12 die config nicht passte, guckte ich nun bei 12.13 nochmal rein und siehe da, bei mausrad stand auch NaNpx. scheinbar wurde beim update da was vermurkst. nach kurzem rumspielen am regler funktioniert jetzt wieder alles.vielleicht kann man sowas speziell umgehen, indem du intern vllt einen standardwert nimmst, der nur bei gültigen userwerten ersetzt wird, sodass z.B. bei NaN beim user immernoch die funktionalität vorhanden ist, und nicht teile ganz ausfallen.

  15. christoph142 said:

    Ja, das 12.12 Problem ist bekannt. Du hättest dir die Rumtesterei sparen können. Einfach einmal F5 drücken und alles passt wieder. Dieses Problem haben sie zum Glück mit 12.13 behoben.Das Problem ist, dass ich natürlich bereits Standard-Werte benutze. Mit irgendetwas muss ich ja arbeiten wenn die Einstellungs-Seite nie aufgerufen wird. Aber wenn Opera murkst und Werte beim Update schrottet, dann werde ich nicht dagegen Programmieren. Ich habe von Anfang an gesagt, dass ich nicht anfange Operas Fehler auszumerzen. Das wäre ein Fass ohne Boden.Long story short for all of you English-speaking guys: :up:Opera 12.13 seems to break the mouse scrolling setting for some people during update. To fix it alter both sliders (speed and distance) to make it save valid values again.

  16. christoph142 said:

    No, I wasn't referring to this.This is probably caused because Opera doesn't keep space for images but just squeezes them into the already finished page whenever they are available without an event resulting in a change of dimensions that is not trackable.This in turn means the bug should most probably only occur the first time you visit that page and if you click the page anywhere, the dimensions are instantly recalculated correctly.I really hope they are going to implement mutation observers soon. That'll give me the possibility to get rid of the problem :up:

  17. By breaking, do you mean scrolling stops half-page or 3/4 of the page?If scrolling furiously a few times the page releases its lock-up.You are referring to these kind of things, right?http://imageshack.us/a/img690/7419/properrender.pnghttp://imageshack.us/a/img841/2310/operabug6.png

  18. Originally posted by Acryion:

    Here's to version 12.20 with lots of regressions fixes, bug fixes, and better standards.:beer:

    I don't think they will just skeep to the next version with all those crashs all around.. I'm guessing we'll be having opera 12.14 😦

  19. Here's to version 12.20 with lots of regressions fixes, bug fixes, and better standards.:beer:

  20. christoph142 said:

    Whatever they intend to do, they better do it fast 🙄

  21. ah, wenn du das schon machst, dann hab ich nichts gesagt 😉

  22. aboutblank6 said:

    Hi, and thank you for the extension! A few things I've noted with Modern Scroll 2.2 (in conjunction with Opera 12.13 (build 1734, Win32, Windows 7):1) It would be nice to have the version number at the very top of the configuration page. (I know where to find it, but clicking 'contact me', I've got to reopen the extension page to hunt for the version number I'm using, among many other extensions. Not a big thing, if inconvenient to put the version at the top of the config page.)2) Saved Configurations: I put a personalized name in the tiny field at the top of the config page (after figuring out that there was actually a place there to do it!), and saved my configuration. I immediately selected the one I saved and loaded it, but if I make any changes to it, it looks to me that I must retype my chosen name every time I want to save my configuration! (My chosen name doesn't stay there, it is replaced by the generic "Name", not the one I used!) 3) I've configured Modern Scroll to be used exclusively in full screen mode, and to always show both the scroll bar and the background. Also, I've chosen the option to "Show buttons for scrolling to the top/bottom of the page". These buttons appear only on the configuration page, not on any other page, and when I press F11 on another page, I can see neither the scroll bar nor the buttons to go to the top or bottom (and yes, the page is large enough to be scrolled, even in full screen mode). Moreover, the buttons sometimes disappear on the configuration page, only reappearing when I turn them off and back on again!Thanks for your help.aboutblank6

  23. christoph142 said:

    Originally posted by aboutblank6:

    1) It would be nice to have the version number at the very top of the configuration page.

    I used to do that. But I'm updating pretty fast (sometimes 2 or 3 versions a week) and I forgot to update the version number in that place every now and then. This is why I stopped doing it ;)Originally posted by aboutblank6:

    I immediately selected the one I saved and loaded it, but if I make any changes to it, it looks to me that I must retype my chosen name every time I want to save my configuration!

    Yes, that's true. Loading a set of configurations only retrieves the values you saved with it. It's not made "active" in any way and hence if you do any manipulations you need to tell modern scroll the name you wanna give those configurations. I can't predict if you decide to overwrite this particular set or create a new one. That's why it falls back to "Name".Originally posted by aboutblank6:

    when I press F11 on another page, I can see neither the scroll bar nor the buttons

    Wooops :whistle: Since nobody in here used that setting until now, nobody noticed that it's broken. Sorry for that. I'm gonna fix it in the next version :up:

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