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modern scroll 2.2.1

I told you that you shouldn't expect a lot in here during the next two weeks because of my rare spare time.

But I know that you like getting new stuff as much as I do. That's why I couldn't help but do a little bug fix release at least :up: …

Here it is: modern scroll 2.2.1

This release is possible, too, because of Piotr, ahoj1234, netmain and Daniel who put a lot of their time in it as well translating my extension to Polish, Czech, Arabic and Norwegian. Thanks a lot guys (also to AndrΓ© & metude who constantly keep Portuguese & Turkish up to date)! :flirt:

I included two small fixes besides the translations as well. In total that comprises this


new: Norwegian translation (thx Daniel)
new: Arabic translation (thx netmain)
new: Czech translation (thx ahoj1234)
fix: fullscreen mode only use (thx aboutblank6 for reporting)
fix: modern scroll blocks scrolling with the arrow keys when no interface is present (e.g. MyOpera Mail, Google Docs)
upd: Polish translation (thx Piotr)

I hope you appreciate this little (size doesn't matter, right? :lol:) update πŸ™‚


Comments on: "modern scroll 2.2.1" (14)

  1. Originally posted by christoph142:

    I hope you appreciate this little (size doesn't matter, right? πŸ˜† )

    It's OK… Size matters but not here in a nickname πŸ˜† And be sure that I appreciate this a lot. (for those of you who don't get it: he wrote my name in here instead of my nickname and I asked him not to tell you my name πŸ˜› )edit: Maybe I am quoting something what is not about me but it could be, so what :whistle:

  2. good news christoph, I just finished translation to arabic for this extension, I'll be sending the script right away to your mail :).edit: translation updated.

  3. christoph142 said:

    Don't worry. No need to rush things especially since your final exams are upcoming ;)Whenever you got the time to do it, there are two files that I already prepared for you:1) https://github.com/Christoph142/modern-scroll/blob/master/config.xml#L16 which is just one line (the short description)2) https://github.com/Christoph142/modern-scroll/blob/master/locales/ro/strings.js which contains all strings of the options page :up:

  4. Sorry Christoph, I know I promised a romanian translation, but I didn't had the time.Could any of you guys tell me again what file exactly should I edit in Github?

  5. Going to be ready by midnight at the latest.

  6. christoph142 said:

    OK, I'll wait for you to finish the translation before uploading it to the catalog then :up:

  7. I don't have to, I know that… But I told you that it's ready… and it wasn't πŸ™‚ (ok, it was… this change is really a small change :D) Anyway… If you wanna give me another blanks for you other extension… Just tell me what extension is ready and need to be translated and I'll do it in my free time…

  8. christoph142 said:

    You don't need to explain changes that you make. I will neither be able to read nor understand the changes you make most of the times anyway.The translations are your particular responsibilities. I don't require you to get my approval :cheers:But thanks for the update :up:

  9. Fine that 2.2.1 haven't been pushed :), I just change the CS translation a little. I don't know how to explain that… It's something what you're not using in en grammar… like "it does that if" and "do it if…" but not the same… Really hard to explain. That wasn't bad but better is how it's now.

  10. christoph142 said:

    That's totally fine. I'll publish 2.2.1 then and we'll integrate your translation in the next release πŸ˜‰

  11. I may not be able to meet the deadline. Still trying to be as formal and correct as possible.As Ahoj said, it's hard to translate some expressions. I need to paraphrase in a few places.

  12. I'm done! I think it may need some minor tinkering in the future, but it's 98% done.Uploading now :up: I didn't get why you wrote ""superbar" like this.

  13. christoph142 said:

    The explanation as well as an error are marked in your pull request πŸ˜‰

  14. Corrected the error and some other quirks. 99% done :coffee: . Just tell me if I can uploaded the new one the same way or if I can do some quick fixes to the file in Github.

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