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modern scroll 2.3

Since Opera didn’t provide a new build and I know that your hands are starting to shake now, I’ll give you something new to play with over the weekend :yes: …

This is it: modern scroll 2.3

I’ll give you the facts first and explain it afterwards this time :up:


new: interface for external access of modern scroll
new: components are available independently

  • I completely restructured modern scroll to separate its features from each other
  • as a result e.g. the scroll buttons can now be displayed always while the bars are set to show in fullscreen mode only
  • with regard to Opera’s window.opera-dismissal I removed all uses of it and substituted them for different alternatives

new: Romanian translation (thx Cryio)
fix: hiding the UI also disables the scrolling functions
fix: page’s dimensions aren’t updated after long transitions/animations (thx aiwork & arkenighte for reporting)
fix: lastpass.com (thx netmain for reporting)
fix: incompatibility with ExtJS framework (thx Alexander for reporting)
fix: position of bars is slightly incorrect for very long pages

  • or when the window is resized massively (whenever the minimum-height/-width of the bars (30px) is undercut)

fix: horizontal bar is misplaced if distance to the borders of the window is not 0
fix: keyboard navigation in contenteditable sections (thx Henryk for reporting)

I guess the other changes are pretty self-explanatory, but what is the first point? :sherlock:

Quite some time ago I wrote about customizing mouse gestures. While this is awesome all by itself, I love making things even more ingenious. :cheers:
This new setting (yes, it’s of course optional like most of the stuff :up:) will provide you with some of modern scroll’s powers by adding an extra object (modernscroll) to the window. It currently holds four functions:
show, hide, scroll_2_top & scroll_2_bottom.

Great, but how do I use it?

It’s pretty easy. You can e.g. assign a certain mouse gesture to scroll_2_top. To do this, just exchange (referring to the mouse gesture article again)

Go to page,"javascript:scroll(0,0);"


Go to page,"javascript:window.modernscroll.scroll_2_top();"

It’ll of course respect and act according to all of your modern scroll settings (animated or not, speed of animation,…) :up:

Or how about a gesture that will alternately show and hide the interface? Voilà:

Go to page,"javascript:if(document.getElementById('modern_scroll').style.display === 'none') window.modernscroll.show(); else window.modernscroll.hide();"

Isn’t that awesome? :love:

These functions can of course not only be used by you, but also by third-party-extensions or websites (doesn’t make a whole lot of sense since there aren’t a lot of people using this extensions (yet :lol:), but think about a company’s intranet site where you can install the extension on all computers (which you should do anyway :p :lol:).
You can check if those functions are available as easily as this:

if(window.modernscroll) alert("You can use them, yeay! :)");

Now it’s your turn: Which other properties or functions would you like to see exposed? 💡
Drop a comment 😉


Comments on: "modern scroll 2.3" (10)

  1. That will surely help people mad at Opera built in scrolling issues 😀

  2. For the beta 2 you can include the updated RO translation ^_^.For now, let's see what we got here. Changing lines of code in javascript isn't a bit much for an ordinary user when changing some extension settings?

  3. christoph142 said:

    Sure. As soon as GitHub is back from maintenance I guess ;)Originally posted by Acryion:

    Changing lines of code in javascript isn't a bit much for an ordinary user when changing some extension settings?

    I already guessed that you guys didn't really get what this is all about since there isn't a lot (or rather no :lol:) feedback in here.This is not about changing settings. It won't. This is kind of an API for modern scroll. You can interact with it in a similar way to Opera's extension API for example.Hence it's not targeting the "ordinary user". 😉

  4. Hi,I have another "problem" with your extension :)And it is FB… You have a right scroll bar (or what was the en translation… :whistle: ) on content… that's OK until the content is another scroll bar. In this case it is FB's scroll bar in FB side chat bar (a loong panel where are also "news" or what) and here is the problem. This "panel with news" have own scroll bar and your scroll bar is hovering it.have fun with it 🙂 IDK if it is possible to "fix" that but anyway I am reporting it 🙂

  5. well, I just found out that this extension broke login to " lastpass.com ", it's impossible to login with this extension on. ( I'm talking about – lastpass.com – the website, not the extension )good luck

  6. christoph142 said:

    Originally posted by ahoj1234:

    IDK if it is possible to "fix" that

    IDK either :lol:I could move Facebook's bar inwards, but it would require you to aim more precisely. I guess the best solution is to manually hide modern scroll's interface whenever you really need to access FB's bars (which hardly ever is the case when you have a mouse wheel and never if you disabled the chat bar).So if it's OK with you, I'd do what I can do best here: nothing :lol:Originally posted by netmain:

    this extension broke login to " lastpass.com "

    Thanks for reporting. It's gonna be fixed in beta 2 :up:

  7. Originally posted by christoph142:

    So if it's OK with you, I'd do what I can do best here: nothing

    well, I am not experiencing this bug. This is problem on laptops using touchpad and it report to me a girl which I convince to use Opera and moder scroll. She have to disable it because of this… and on notebooks it could be really bad if two scroll bars are so close to each other…What about set on a FB this scroll bar to left side on a chat instead of right side (the chat and the page)? This should be only when right chat panel is detected… I this could be hard to do that but be more precise is not possible with tocuhpads…PS: my solution here was take this bar from right side to left side 😀 But she didn't like it… :Dand another bug with FB:now with down scroll bar. If I have (ok, that's not my problem, again :D) Opera in small screen or not maximized and bottom scroll bar is needed… Your modern scroll bar is over an area where are chats windows with other people… (when you are writing to someone) again it is pain when you have to be so precious…If you don't know what I mean I'll try to explain it better.edit:or simply make this bars on FB as native… hard to bottoms not hovering the content… But these two problems with this are really not good for your nice extension since FB is the most visited page in the word I think 🙂

  8. Well, the important exam simulations have passed. Unfortunately for me, I misheard the hour of which the last one would be held. Oh well.I think I might have some time to translate the new things by friday ^_^

  9. christoph142 said:

    If you manage to do it by Thursday, it'll be in version 2.3. :up:Otherwise it'll be in the next one.

  10. […] If you want to learn more about the external interface introduced in version 2.3, have a look at this blog post. […]

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