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Happy anniversary

February the 13th 2012, right to the day one year ago (it feels like forever to me) CursorAdjust, my first extension, got published in Opera's catalog. …

A lot has changed since that day. I barely had any JavaScript-knowledge back then and even less about Opera's extension system. Fortunately those improved a bit within the last year :up: 🙂

Until today, I managed to publish 58 versions (not counting different localizations) of 5 extensions including the best-rated extension of Opera's whole catalog. In the meantime they got downloaded about 87000 times in total.
Moreover, I wrote 52 blog posts about them which got commented 546 times.

All of this would not have been possible without your help – no matter if you reported bugs, commented here in the blog, did translations or just cheered. Thanks a thousand times to all of you! :love:

I'm not sure what the next year will bring since Opera's change to WebKit will alter the extension system profoundly. But together we'll somehow manage the move. Maybe Opera's best extension will also be the first for WebKit… 😉

Cheers to another year just as successful as this one :cheers:


Comments on: "Happy anniversary" (11)

  1. You've done great work, Christoph. :love: Thank you for all the effort you have put into developing your extensions – so many people benefit from it.

  2. Outstanding work Christoph.Since your extensions are written in HTML and Javascript, porting them to the future-webkit based Opera should only be a matter off different compiling, right?

  3. christoph142 said:

    Thanks GeekK and Cryio :)Concerning migration: I can't tell yet. We all have to wait and see what Opera tinkers in their labs. The mentioned conversion-tools sound promising, but I usually hate these kind of tools since they mostly try to find a standardized approach and not the most efficient.It should mostly be true for the main JS-file (except that they abolished the window.opera-object). But I'm curious what the localization-system and the catalog-files will look like… :sherlock:

  4. Let's wait a bit and see…

  5. Congratulations Cristoph, you made an awesome work all this time.About the webkit:Why the change would alter the extension system? I have the same opinion as Cryio.And seriously they dropped window.opera?

  6. Happy anniversary :cheers:

  7. christoph142 said:

    Originally posted by André:

    Why the change would alter the extension system?

    I initially thought the same. All those speculations about ditching M2 and other features are just nonsense IMHO, but concerning the extension system: Why would they put effort in developing conversion-tools if the system stays the same? There has to be some change and it needs to be big enough to justify the amount of work put into those tools…Originally posted by André:

    And seriously they dropped window.opera?

    Yes, they did / do. Took me by surprise, too.

  8. Well, window.opera was the main factor Opera was being identified and blocked even when spoofed/masked.

  9. I hate those idiot web designers. Why don't they just create a decent website? It's not hard. Even I did one.BTW I had more trouble with Firefox than any other.

  10. you did great work man, I wish you the best. :yes:

  11. Originally posted by GeekK:

    You've done great work, Christoph. :love: Thank you for all the effort you have put into developing your extensions – so many people benefit from it.

    +1 😀 :cheers:

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