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A few months ago I was asked if I could enhance modern scroll so you can drag-throw pages around in Opera just like on your mobile devices.
The exact same request reached me last week again.

That's why I want to give you a heads up on this topic now :up: …

There already is an awesome extension in Opera's catalog called Touch::Scroller by Akira which does exactly that.

It's coded really nice and clean and all I could do would be to copy its code into modern scroll.
But there's no need to do that since both extensions play very well together side by side.

I now got in contact with Akira and instead of putting effort into copying it, I'll contribute to the original extension :yes:

My first enhancement (besides some smaller optimizations) was to add the possibility to choose a key to temporarily switch from Touch into Mouse mode (and the other way round!).
So, by default, pressing Ctrl gives you the opportunity to select text while you're in touch mode and lets you drag-scroll the page respectively if you're in mouse mode :up:

You can get the newest version of Touch::Scroller right from the catalog now :cheers:


new: adjustable hotkey to switch modes

  • press and hold for a temporary switch
  • press twice to toggle modes permanently

upd: performance optimizations


Comments on: "Touch::Scroller" (13)

  1. Cool 😎

  2. Cool, let's start with a request:What about add the full scroll (Start/End of page) button when scroll with high speed like touch Opera?

  3. christoph142 said:

    Sry, I didn't get this one. What's your request, André?

  4. This

  5. christoph142 said:

    I still don't get it :cow: :angel:modern scroll already has buttons for scroll to top and scroll to bottom as well as the possibility to have mouse gestures for it plus the special ends of the bars…Does Opera mobile display this button whenever you scroll fast into this direction? (I do have an iPhone so I'm limited to Opera Mini until the new Opera Mobile with WebKit is released, which doesn't have this feature…)

  6. You should have gone with this extension: 😦https://addons.opera.com/extensions/details/one-hand-panner/I think this provides better usability and performance! Please check

  7. christoph142 said:

    One-hand-panner works worse on my machine.But as I said I won't integrate anything into modern scroll.I just wanted to recommend it if you're looking for that feature and I know that Touch::Scroller doesn't cause any issues :)Feel free to use whatever you want.

  8. Originally posted by christoph142:

    One-hand-panner works worse on my machine.

    Ohh… :worried: It offers much smother scrolling, thats why i was asking! 😉

  9. Originally posted by christoph142:

    Does Opera mobile display this button whenever you scroll fast into this direction?

    Exactly. You can check with Mobile Emulator, I took this pic from it.Originally posted by christoph142:

    modern scroll already has (…) the special ends of the bars…

    I know and that's an awesome feature. I'm just tossing an interesting idea.

  10. christoph142 said:

    Yeah, I got you now. I think it really is.And thanks to the external interface, which I integrated in version 2.3 (and almost nobody knows what it's good for ^^) Touch::Scroller can use modern scroll's functions.So it is possible to make Touch::Scroller show modern scroll's buttons for scroll to top/bottom…I'll ask Akira about his opinion since it's his extension 😉

  11. Hi André, I do use Opera mobile for Android so I see what you request.Have you tried one of this one?https://addons.opera.com/extensions/details/scroll-to-top/It is fairly close from what you want.

  12. christoph142 said:

    modern scroll also has these buttons.His request is not the button itself, but to have a clean page by default and to show it whenever you throw the page at a certain speed only :idea:We could achieve this functionality by combining the powers of modern scroll and Touch::Scroller. What do you think?

  13. Ha sorry I didn't see these buttons in modern scroll.Nonetheless, I don't really see the point in involving touch::scroller into this as modern scroll seems to have all the guts for it: add a "show only when I scroll" to the buttons, and trigger them from where you trigger the scrollbars. Doing this above a certain speed is not a big deal either.

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