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TextBoXpander 1.1

Sometimes I'm a bit perfectionist, which might as well be the reason why modern scroll still resides at the number one spot of the best-rated extensions.

This is one of these times… 🙄 …

Although or maybe especially because this extension is very simple with just over 150 lines of code, it works pretty solid (I didn't come across any non-working fields so far) :up:

However, there's a small visual glitch, which I simply can't stand:
If you have the transition-duration set to a certain value and write a longer text (e.g. in a contact form), you'll need to insert paragraphs.
Whenever you press Enter two times now, you'll notice that scroll bars appear in the textarea during the height-transition.
Since scrolling isn't needed at all cause textareas are always kept bigger than their text, I (you know me: optionally :up:) disabled scrolling in textareas in this build.

And here it is: TextBoXpander 1.1


new: option to restore textareas to their original size when they are not focused
new: option to disable scroll bars in textareas when they are not focused
fix: smilies aren't inserted into textareas on click anymore (thx Ahoj1234 for reporting)
fix: scroll bar appears during height transition
fix: textareas do not expand correctly if they are initialized with long default texts
fix: links are mistaken for input fields


Comments on: "TextBoXpander 1.1" (24)

  1. christoph142 said:

    Originally posted by ahoj1234:

    Should I have rights to edit all your "cs" files?

    Yes, that would be perfect, but GitHub doesn't offer this possibility :down:I can either give you full editing rights for the complete repo (which I want to avoid, because I will loose track if everybody's messing around with each and every file) or make you issue pull requests like it is now (I do need to confirm every single change to the language files I do not understand anyway like this, which is annoying but unavoidable).Originally posted by ahoj1234:

    "hide" is not the same as "disable"

    True, but "scrolling" isn't the same as "scroll bars" either. I named the key after what it does and the text says what is visible to users 😉

  2. ahoj1234 said:

    "Octotip: You are editing a file in a project you do not have write access to. We are forking this project for you (if one does not yet exist) to write your proposed changes to. Submitting a change to this file will write it to a new branch in your fork so you can send a pull request."Should I have rights to edit all your "cs" files? :)at least, here is translation for "disable scrolling": "Skrýt posuvníky". PS: don't forget that "hide" is not the same as "disable". (I haven't test it yet)

  3. christoph142 said:

    Originally posted by ahoj1234:

    try to edit you long post

    I think you can save your time posting a video. I'll publish an updated build in a few minutes which should fix this issue as I came across it by myself :up:

  4. ahoj1234 said:

    Originally posted by christoph142:

    True, but "scrolling" isn't the same as "scroll bars" either. I named the key after what it does and the text says what is visible to users 😉

    Well, now I can see what you did there :happy: But without some explain I would better don't show the option and set hide scroll bars as default. You know… everyone need to see all things… And this is – as you have said – really unwanted visual glitch.Originally posted by christoph142:

    but GitHub doesn't offer this possibility

    yeeah… I don't like github… I can't edit textboxpander but I can edit modern scroll "cs" folder… weird… But true is that I don't know how it is possible 😆 So as I said… the translation for that is "Skrýt posuvníky" (for me is better "Hide unwanted scroll bars" – "Skrýt nechtěné posuvníky" but it's your choice :zip:) after edit is "Propose File Change " blanket – non active… But I can do a new file "string.js" in "cs" folder… but that old file… it would be a mess…edit:you extension is not working as I expect with editing this post, short demo (video file) will be available soon if you can not reproduce it this way:try to edit your long post by "edit" and deleting a word somewhere on a +- 5th line. box area should not set to default but stay the same size.

  5. ahoj1234 said:

    Originally posted by christoph142:

    Should this be on or off by default?

    If yes (default) you should probably change also hide scroll bars to off by default (because of you can also scroll when they are not focused)And I think that not all areas should be restored but also not all areas should not be restored… :DIf description is right… only textareas going to be restored (not input areas) then I am for restore by default.PS:"Restore original size when not focused" = "Obnovit originální velikost, když není aktivní"

  6. christoph142 said:

    Originally posted by ahoj1234:

    because of you can also scroll when they are not focused

    Thanks for bringing that to my attention. Since I develop my extensions on my laptop and I'm using its touchpad instead of a mouse, I simply forgot about it :doh:I decided to switch both off by default now (the height-transition problem is gone in any case now since I do disable scrolling on activation and the "hide scroll bar"-setting now only determines whether it gets restored to its original value when you leave the textarea :up:)

  7. ilovemagemama said:

    nunm 🙂

  8. ahoj1234 said:

    No 🙂 I want to tell you about "smileys" 🙂 . On 2 forums (Tried on 3 forums including this but here it is working) I can't "put" a smiley to a textarea.For example:http://forum.novarock.at/ (germany/english)http://rimske-imperium.sk/ (czech/slova)both needs a registration. I'm trying to find a web without registration where are smileys like this :)OK, I can't find any opened forum so if it is needed I can make a demo. It is reproducible very well…

  9. ahoj1234 said:

    You can't released it because of a bug! Will try to find a web when you don't need a registration or I'll do a demo. Stay tuned :PPS: I'will edit this post or who knows how I'll report it 🙂

  10. christoph142 said:

    I know. I'm investigating already :up:At least I guess you want to tell me aboutFocus one textareaFocus another textarea/input fieldFocus the first one againEdit it-> textarea shrinksCorrect? 😉

  11. christoph142 said:

    Originally posted by ahoj1234:

    No 🙂

    Too bad. Anyway, it's fixed in RC2 :lol:Originally posted by ahoj1234:

    here it is working

    It only does, because I treat MyOpera differently than all other pages. I can probably instantly fix this issue for your pages since I know what's causing it.Let's give it a try… :up:edit: Your issue should be fixed in RC3 now. Is it? :up:

  12. ahoj1234 said:

    Originally posted by christoph142:

    Your issue should be fixed in RC3 now. Is it? :up:

    Great work :cheers: So it works 🙂

  13. Time to time I have a problem with a google translator. Especially when I'm changing translation languages and then click somewhere else than in the box.This is not 100% reproducible but when it starts it is 100% reproducible until a next time/visit.summary: Problem with a resume original size when blahblahblah… 🙂 – texarea is smaller than usually not in the original size.

  14. It's possible to make this extension little bit better? 🙂 If I am writing a little bit longer comment and it needs to expand and after that I click to "send" or anything similar textarea only resize to original size but it doesn't send it and I have to click again… It is little bit unwanted¨/unexpected behavior :)I hope that you can understand and reproduce it 🙂

  15. christoph142 said:

    This doesn't happen if you uncheck "restore original size", right?I guess this is the same issue that I came across shortly before releasing version 1.1 (You can't select text immediately if you activate a textbox).This seems to be – who would have guessed – a bug in Opera again. It happens whenever I set textbox' overflow. I hate having to tell you that this issue will be postponed to the WebKit-release, but I assume that's what's gonna happen…

  16. ahoj1234 said:

    you are probably right 🙂 "restore original size" is an useful feature but it is little bit annoying when you have to click 2times… But I can understand. I hope that the very first O14.00 build is coming soon 🙂

  17. I sent a comment on Facebook and when it included a new textbox this happened:[img]http://img594.imageshack.us/img594/5662/tbxa.png

  18. christoph142 said:

    Interesting… But Facebook is completely excluded from this extension since they do have their own handling… ^^

  19. Hummm… Nope.

    // @exclude		https://www.facebook.*

    Only excluded from the https version, not the normal http FB.I guess that's my problem.

  20. christoph142 said:

    I didn't know that Facebook was still accessible via http. They are redirecting everybody to the secure site as soon as you enter it with http…How (and why?) do you use the http-version?

  21. Then it's only where you live, here in Brazil it's the standard access. The https is only when authenticating.The https is optional and can be toggled in the Account Settings, under Security. It's called Secure Browsing.I was using it, but last day I was in a slow connection and the https was taking ages to load. That's why it took so long to notice any bug.

  22. christoph142 said:

    OK. Interesting to know. I'm gonna exclude the http-version then, too :up:

  23. ahoj1234 said:

    what about possibilities to turn it off on some site(s)? something like "blacklist"… It would be nice to see it 🙂 and… if it is possible try to separate all inputs… chatbox (textareas) and other input areas (If I am not messing up terminology… but some inputs where you should write our name or something… "a small textareas"…Do you get it? 🙂

  24. christoph142 said:

    As you probably realized already, I'm not a fan of exclusion lists. I prefer eliminating the causes.But I'm not totally opposing your request for TextboXpander since websites might have implemented their own handlers to achieve the same effect.I'll give it a thought :up:

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