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Documents 2.1.1

Yet another little update for you :up:

Although it's just a minor version bump, this is not a bugfix-release… …

I stripped down handling in extended mode. The resultant code is not only

  1. offering exactly the same functionality and
  2. less than 50% the original size (reduced from 28 down to a minimum of 13 lines)! :yikes:, but also
  3. gets rid of window.opera's BeforeEvent-Listener, which will soon be dropped with the WebKit-release,
  4. works at an earlier stage during loading of the document &
  5. gets rid of all of its previous incompatibilities with some websites :yes:

Sounds good? Get Documents 2.1.1 now and give it a spin :up:
You need to add http://www.codog.de to your trusted websites or save the file locally and then install it


upd: improved handling in extended mode
upd: removed 17track.net from exclusion list (site changed)
upd: removed shinydemos.com from exclusion list (fixed by improved handling)


Comments on: "Documents 2.1.1" (3)

  1. From time to time, I still get incompatibilities with some sites. Can't give you a clear example now. I'll post some when I'll hit me again.

  2. You really only use this extension? No plug-ins whatsoever?

  3. christoph142 said:

    The only plugin that I'm using is Adobe Flash.

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