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Documents 2.2

Second try for 2.2 …

I don’t know why nobody complains about the gray control bar being gone. You guys either do have another version of Google Docs Viewer in your language than I have or you maybe just don’t miss it?!

I tried altering the interface language in Google, but always ended up with the same result.

Hence, I fixed Documents’ loading behavior and implemented some console logging of possible errors. Those are not meant for testing purposes only, but are intended to stay in there in the final version, too.

When you install this version and come across any malfunctions, make sure to open Opera’s error console (Ctrl+Shift+O) and check for JavaScript notifications starting with “Documents extension:”. If you are confronted with those, please always report them to me. Thanks :up:


new: fail save design
new: errors get logged
upd: adjusted to Google Docs Viewer’s updated structure


Comments on: "Documents 2.2" (6)

  1. Acryion said:

    Because in 2.1.1 it ain't gone :)) I don't know why it's different for you.I can no longer SAVE pdfs with the 2.1.1 , but that's a different problem altogether.On the other hand, 2.2 now seems to be fixed. No bugs that I can see.

  2. Acryion said:

    I can see "report an error" as a help-item.The save issue is fixed. Not how I imagined it though. No more convenient button click to download. Now, just the usual click to save content.

  3. christoph142 said:

    What about the menu items?Do you see "report an error" as a help-item in 2.1.1 or 2.2?concerning the saving-issue: does it occur in 2.2 as well?

  4. christoph142 said:

    Originally posted by Acryion:

    I can see "report an error" as a help-item.

    in 2.1.1 or 2.2?Originally posted by Acryion:

    No more convenient button

    Is the button gone altogether? Or does it show right-click instructions? The latter depends on whether you activated extended functionality or not.

  5. Acryion said:

    I can see it in 2.2.And the button is not gone. I didn't make myself clear, sorry.I meant it doesn't function the same way as before, but I guess it's nothing you can do. Before, in 2.1.1, you just clicked on the button and the pdf download prompt appeared. Now, in 2.2 you have to right click on the button, select "Save linked content as" to save it.

  6. christoph142 said:

    OK, if you can see it in 2.2, your version of Google Docs Viewer is the same – or similar – to the one over here.It's supposed to show a simple download-command if you do not have extended functionality enabled for the concerned file type. If it doesn't, it's a :bug:(It will always work with Blink – no matter if you chose extended or standard features) :up:

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