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Changes are pretty massive for the very first Chromium-version.
Since there's quite a lot of different stuff coming up to talk about, I'll split this version's development into several individual posts. …

Here's modern scroll (Chromium) beta 2 :cheers:
in order to install it, save the file on your computer, open chrome://extensions/ and drag the file there

So what's new in beta 2?
"That's one small step in terms of modern scroll's version, a giant leap for Chrome's extension" :p
The two big issues in beta 1 are gone now :up:

However, each adjustment that I make entails two more (luckily smaller ones).

Hence you will encounter some issues like

  • some settings do not show any effect
  • settings don't update automatically (you need to reload pages)
  • percentage values in options page aren't implemented yet
  • and quite some others

There's no need to report anything yet since I'm busy fixing stuff that I'm aware of already. I just felt like sharing my progress with you :flirt:


Comments on: "modern scroll (Chromium) beta 2" (1)

  1. christoph142 said:

    I knew it! :yes:So this officially is Chrome & Opera 15 development now :cheers:

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