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Due to Opera's announcement of using Chromium-extensions as of version 15, I decided to rebranch modern scroll 2.4.3 into 3.0, which will be available for Opera 15 and Chrome (I think the minimum version that's working without any issues is 24; I'm going to check this up when all the work is done). …

This decision will give me the opportunity to slide in fixes and improvements for Opera 12.1X if necessary, which will then be named 2.4.4 – 2.9.9. In other terms: you will directly see if you're confronted with an oex- or Chromium-extension based on its version.

I will use this approach for all other extensions of mine that I will port to crx-format, too :up:

So here's modern scroll 3.0 beta 2 :cheers:
in order to install it, save the file on your computer, open opera:extensions (chrome://extensions respectively) and drag the file there

Changes in version 3.0 beta 2:

  • options page updates all slider values
  • sections in options page expand/contract correctly
  • bars are updated without reloading the page
  • integrated background.js
  • started implementation of context menu

Changes in version 3.0 beta 1:

  • finished UI of options page
    if you're wondering why you can't change any colors: they didn't implement the color picker yet -> reported as DNA-6002 :bug:
  • remove bars whenever tabs get hidden
  • background bar correct when placed at left side of screen
  • position of scroll buttons gets saved properly

Again, there's no need to report anything yet since I'm busy fixing stuff that I'm aware of already. :chef:
That said: I always love to get some feedback from you :flirt:


Comments on: "modern scroll 3.0 beta" (4)

  1. Acryion said:

    It's so weird using Opera 15, but hey, at least we got an almost functional Modern Scroll !I do hope Opera gets its product polished soon, it's missing a ton of things.

  2. christoph142 said:

    Yeah, it's not quite ready yet.I love it though since it's stable and fast as hell :yes:Two things that I definitely can't say about Opera 12…

  3. It's missing almost everything. Even speed dial is weird now. I'll wait until some more features are included so I can start using it.I can't install on Opera 15. It says:Invalid Package, "Name of key 'like bars' is invalid. Only ASCII [a-z], [A-Z], [0-9] and "_" are allowed.

  4. netmain said:

    works great now :yes: congrats man, scrolling now is better than ever !! I love how you can get whatever you want using the available options ( fast scroll, slow scroll, and even better smooth scroll ) and it's working better than in opera 12 :wizard: keep up the great work 🙂

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