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With Opera moving to Chromium and hence changing extension's localization format to i18n JSON, it offers me possibilities to ease the process of coordinating translations with you guys :up: …

Sharing stuff on GitHub was a first step forward for localizations and made it possible at all for you to participate in development of my extension.

Today, I additionally uploaded modern scroll's localizations to Transifex, which will make it a lot easier for all of us to track changes as well as the current status of completeness of individual localizations.

All other extensions will follow whenever I port them to Chromium :wait:

As you might have seen in my previous post, modern scroll 3.0 got rejected because it's missing proper descriptions in all languages but English and German. (no comment from my side on this justification here)
If you do speak another language, please head over to modern scroll on Transifex and give me a hand.

Thanks! :flirt:


Comments on: "Localizations" (2)

  1. Acryion said:

    Will look into it.

  2. Nice idea. I applied for Turkish team member on Transifex.

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