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modern scroll 2.4.4

Here's a little update for those of you who are not aboard the Next-train yet 😉 …

It contains improvements & fixes that I back-ported from version 3.0 :up:

This is it: modern scroll 2.4.4 🙂

I uploaded both, version 2.4.4 and version 3.0, to Opera's catalog. They are pending approval now.

RC changelog:

new: modern scroll also takes over downward scrolling by pressing the space bar (thx kapsi for reporting)
fix: superbar updates correctly when toggled via contextmenu
fix: contextmenu localization (thx André for reporting)

beta changelog:

new: visibility of superbar can be toggled via custom mouse gestures

  • this one is especially for you, André. Thanks for all your great translation work :cheers:
  • you can use it with modernscroll.toggle_superbar();
  • you can always hide the bar via the gesture, but it'll only show up if it's appropriate, i.e. both bars are necessary; it does work if you disabled the superbar completely, though. I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to give you the opportunity to manually show it only this way 😉

fix: scrolling of pictures @ vk.com (thx Maxim for reporting)
upd: various localizations (thanks so much to all translators! :love:)

  • modern scroll's OEX-version will use mostly the same format as the CRX/NEX-version from now on
  • this makes it easier for me to keep them in sync and makes sure that new localizations from Transifex will always make it into both development branches
  • -> all your new translations are already in it :up:

Comments on: "modern scroll 2.4.4" (6)

  1. Thanks, it looks to be working better. And the new superbar toggle external access will help on pages it shows but is not needed.But there's a bug in context menu. Doesn't respect it's visibility option and text shows as [object Object].

  2. christoph142 said:

    :doh:I knew that I'd forget to switch the system for some localization at some point…Anyway, thanks for spotting it! Should be fixed in the RC :up:

  3. Thanks, it's working. Be able to disable only the superbar is nice. Already used it. Some pages it's enabled but the distance in one or both directions are irrelevant.

  4. Scroll buttons only in full screen not working.EDIT: Fast-forward with space bar not workign too. :yuck:

  5. christoph142 said:

    Shit happens :doh:I'll take care of it in version 2.4.5 since it's already uploaded.

  6. anonymous said:

    Anonyme writes:

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