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I wrote a lot of blog posts so far, but this is probably the toughest one for me :/

This post is not about extensions, it’s about me…

I’m a person who likes giving things to other people for free without benefiting from it in any way. And I like the idea of enriching people’s life all over the world.
I believe in a social world, where people like to help each other and do whatever they can to support those who can’t solve issues themselves.

What I don’t like, however, is having to beg for help. And although I struggled, there’s no other option left for me but doing so now…

What’s up?

In 2008, after I graduated from school, I had to decide what to do for a living. The decision I made brought me in a whole lot of trouble now:
I wanted to become a Pilot. And I did.
A Pilot’s job training costs a vast amount of money (I’m talking about an upper 5-digit number here), which – in most cases – has to be paid by the flight student – me.

You have to fight for you dream, right? So did I. I paid.

Now there’s just one problem: After having finished my job training, I applied throughout the whole country, but hiring situation got worse shortly before the end of my training and now there are so many applicants for each open position, that I didn’t get a single invitation to a job interview to any of my applications.
I didn’t only get no job, but I got no chance!

I’m out of training for about 2 years now already and chances to get a job are next to zero and deteriorating even further. Meanwhile, besides keeping sending applications out whenever I spot a new job offer, I started studying computer science to ensure that I will eventually get a job somewhere.
But there’s my loan!

What now?
I’m out of ideas. I asked the bank to delay payments until I found a job, but they are refusing to do so without a concrete job offer.
And that’s why I wrote this post.

I need to pay my loan back to escape bankruptcy, I need to pay my living expenses and I’m hoping that you guys can give me a hand with it.

So, to get to the point, I hereby ask everybody reading this post:

Whoever can afford to donate some money, please, help me!

It doesn’t have to be a big amount and I don’t want anybody to donate who needs to think twice about spending every Euro themselves. Spread the word about it instead.
But if everybody who reads this and is capable to share a bit of his wealth will contribute a bit, it may work out.

Give it a thought and do something good today.

Thanks to all of you reading my story and helping me start over and having a perspective to look forward again.




Comments on: "Help!" (34)

  1. anonymous said:

    Anonymous writes:No one commented yet? They sure comment when it's about extensions.I sympathize with your situation, I'm in a similar one myself (although my classes weren't that expensive, it already passed way more than 2 years without me getting a job)I really whish I could give you money, but I don't even have a bank account anymore.I sincerelly hope you are receiveing lots of donations and getting along by now.Best regards, and hang on in there.And great extension by the way.

  2. christoph142 said:

    Originally posted by anonymous:

    No one commented yet? They sure comment when it's about extensions.

    Well, yes. And some of the feedback I get (regarding extensions) are complaints (sometimes pretty rude ones). It's easier to denunciate people than to give valuable feedback or to do it themselves…But I didn't write this post because I wanted to get commiserated, but because I need a helping hand and don't know where else to get it. So it's OK if nobody wants to comment.Originally posted by anonymous:

    I'm in a similar one myself

    Sorry to hear that :worried:Originally posted by anonymous:

    I sincerely hope you are receiving lots of donations and getting along by now

    I wish I did. I got one single donation so far (thank you so much, Robyn! :heart:).Meanwhile my bank account got closed, too. But I fortunately got another one.Originally posted by anonymous:

    And great extension by the way.

    Thanks. Glad you like it/them 🙂

  3. anonymous said:

    Anonymous writes:+++

  4. anonymous said:

    Anonymous writes:**I'm the anonymous from August 28, 2013 2:27:58 PM–1 donation?? I'm very sorry to hear that; people these days overuse their right to complain (even when it's free) and to hate. People are too spoiled.I was referring to the Modern Scroll extension. It works great, even in scrolling the textbox in which I'm writing this on.I also noticed that you added some scroll smoothness in the version for webkit Operas (Opera 15, 16, 17). Not as good as the smoothness in Opera 12, but a good start nonetheless :)As for me, I come from an engeneering area, and all this time not getting a job (just some interin placements) I got instead a big void in my resumé that companies tend not to like, while also getting older, which they don't like too. So apparently I'm too old to restart my career. So it's like an infinite loop in which cause and effect mix in unnatural ways.In Germany (I assume you're german judging by the colouring in your avatar) I hear companies don't require years of experience while at the same time demanding just young people, but not in my country, noo. By the way if you think that I have 70 years or something, I'm just 40 (for my looks people give me 30 or less). Yes, 40 is too old to get hired here unless you have boatloads of experience. I would give you 100€ if I could (5 for the extension, 30 for your situation and 65 because unfortunately I really understand it)Have you tried doing apps for iPhone/Android/WinPhone? Although Windows Phone has a tiny market, you could capitalize on making some apps that still don't exist there.Or maybe insert some ads in your extensions like many devs do; you say you don't like to benefit from your work, but your situation justifies it. Although it won't get very popular at first, it may get you some cash. And if people don't like it, they can make their own damn extensions thenTake care

  5. Анониман writes:My man, I´m living in Serbia, and I realy wish if I could help you, but… there is always a but, I am autoelectrition and my money is about 230e per month, what can I say to you man, keep on swiming in the see. And my dream was to be pilote, now I fix cars, and playing with my baby. I wish you all the best, SALUT.Saša

  6. Davey126 writes:I am pretty judicious about donations but I also try to recognize those who volunteer their time and skills if the I have benefited from their efforts. Modern Scroll is a tool that I use daily and definitely makes for a better experience. Thanks and best wishes.(donation made)BTW – I feel your pain having been out of steady work for nearly 7 years. A previous poster discussed age discrimination for those in technical fields. Couldn't agree more.

  7. Анонимно writes:C'mon, move to Russia. A few month ago the officials said they're gonna allow foreign pilots to work for the Russian airline companies.

  8. I wish I could help you but I have no way of sending money, no credit card, nothing 😦 I hope it’s getting better for you! Thank you for your work!

  9. alain baret said:

    ça fonctionne pas

  10. I wish I could help you. That is hard thing what happened to you and I hope you’ll get out of this situation soon. Maybe you saw my comment and it made you sad that I didn’t help. But you have to remember that being happy is very important in order to go through life. So don’t let things knock you down. Believe that everything G-D does is intended to end up in a good thing. It’s hard now, and you can’t see the silver lining, but some day it’ll be there. So be happy for it from now, and keep holding on. I’m with you.

  11. Anonymous said:


    I don’t know if you got any problem with working at another country but you should check this website. This airline company looking for pilots!

  12. How is it going, did You resolve the loan issue? i have similar problem, hight education, hight experience, but no prospects. Here in Slovenia is even less opportunities. Got any projects going on, any apps thinking of developing? If it really gets tough, I will try to get You some food delivered to Your adress, I will remember You, if I come across a fortune. Keep Your chin up!

    PS, Think About bankruptcy, If I were You, I would swallow my pride and got in the way of geting rid of it. It can take Years to pay it of but is no guarantee to get rid of it ever. In bankruptcy at least there You develop a plausible plan, which guarantees You to get free of it one day.

    • Sorry to hear that. Wish you all the best, too!
      I meanwhile am bankrupt. But unfortunately that doesn’t make life any easier right now. Costs are still higher than “income” :/

  13. Anonymous said:

    can‘t donate in euro, wish you all the best

  14. RackAttack said:

    Hey, I sympathize with you, but in short I’m broke… But I do have an idea for you if you are serious: Move to Alaska. Everything there is about flying something or someone, somewhere. There is NO WAY you wouldn’t be able to get a job as a pilot there — Or even someday start your own pilot/flight/delivery/transport, etc. type of business in Alaska. GL

  15. Look into student loan forgiveness programs. There are state and federal programs – maybe private and others too. These are usually associated with jobs like teaching, public service, health care, etc. These are jobs in areas where they are having a difficult time finding people. Not sure if you can get one, but look into it. I would think that a pilot or computer skilled person could get something… Here’s one site with some info, but only a start. http://www.usnews.com/education/best-colleges/paying-for-college/articles/2013/10/30/get-rid-of-student-loan-debt-without-paying-for-it

  16. Anonymous said:

    Hi there,
    Textbox auto resizer create on the following website when you try to modify informations about your profile on the account you created on this site. After log in, boxes of informations of your profile are automatically reduced when you attempt to write something in them, and can’t no more widens. So that’s worst ! 🙂 Try by your self…
    Hoping that’s clear…

  17. Anonymous said:

    I don’t know if I can still help, but I donated!
    I wish you all the best, thanks for all the free stuff!

  18. all over the world, it´s the same shit with the illusion of money-energy…

    I´m from the “rich” Germany and all of my friends are bankrot, like me

    It´s a big game of Elite Management.

    Stay cool, it´s a big illusion you would see, if we all wake up, the Elite is down, for ever.
    It´s a great time of changing…
    I also would give something, but first I´ve also nothing and for the “small” money there is no way of Transfer…

    If everybody of this Users have somethink like Bitcoin BTC, there is a way, that people like us, get many many small money, nobody cars´s about some cent, but millions of cent is what?

    Best wishes and learn to stay alive, with the Energy of … (you know),

    don´t think about your Problems, stay clear and you find your way….

    When I was a kid, my dream job, was to became Pilot, like you…
    But today I don´t please somebody, to be his SLAVE

    Think about your life, make money with what you can perfekt and take the money, to have fun in your own Jet… 🙂

    Go Back 1999 to FIGHT CLUB; “if you have nothing, you ARE FREE…” (or like that)

    Sorry for my bad english, I´ve to fresh up 😉

  19. Hope u will be doing well now, Chris…….i’m a student, just completed my graduation in computer science.
    I can’t donate u now but i promise that whenever i’ll get my first salary from the job, i shall donate.
    coz my family’s income is hardly $400 per month……

    Good Luck Chris….

  20. Dear Christoph, you have my sincere sympathy. I’m in a similar situation myself, being out of job for 2 years now, every month is a race to try to pay the bills, my kid’s school fee and the house mortgage on time. I’d love to donate but my own financial situation is not permitting right now. I know I’m not helping you in anyway in this post, I guess we just have to try to hang in there, and makes the best of what come our way. Good luck Chris, we both need it…

  21. Anonymous said:

    Be persistent… don’t just send applications to them but call or visit the site if you can. If you’re really interested in a firm just persist and persist, but don’t annoy them.

  22. Anonymous said:

    its posible donate by paypal?

  23. “I’m a person who likes giving things to other people for free without benefiting from it in any way.”
    ага, конечно..:

  24. Christopher, there is always a way. First off, be realistic about your dreams. This world is unfair and I wanted to produce and make music for a living but the music industry collapsed about 10 years ago so I moved on to IT and am glad I did. With that said, if you are determined to be a pilot, find a way to intern for an airline or find a smaller independent airline that flies small planes and ask to intern or co-pilot for them. Also, go back to the flight school and network. I guarantee if you knock on enough doors and reach out to enough people, there is a way. Another way is to join the Air Force. Since you already have the training, see if you can join the military to fly for a couple years. Most commercial pilots got there start through the military.

    The other side of this is that pilots are going to become less in demand over time. They are already working on self flying planes and it’s just a matter of time until the demand for pilots collapses. You may want to be a little realistic and think about a career in IT. You already know software development and there is excellent money in it. Why not work on starting a software company and pay off your debts via your software development experience?

    I am sure you will raise some money via donations but not much. You will be better off putting your energy into building a software company while you work to find opportunities as a pilot. Unfortunately, this world sucks and is unfair, cold and doesn’t care about anyone’s dreams, debts or aspirations. Generally, people are total a$$ holes and it gets worse every day. If I were you, I would work in software for now and build up a company and make money writing software because that’s where all the money and career opportunities are these days.

    While you do that, keep knocking on doors and calling people in the hopes of finding a way to get experience flying. There is always a way to make it happen if you are determined enough.

    If you want to do software development for my company, get in touch and we will talk.

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