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What do you do when something is just perfect?

You make it even better! πŸ˜› …

Well, at least that's what I tried to do…

Why was version 3.1 discontinued?
There's a problem with detection of changes in page's dimensions. The newly implemented hack came along with some downsides that were insoluble. :down:

If you want to use it anyway, here's the latest build :banana:

beta 4:
new: all scroll bars get hidden when the concerned element is not currently hovered or focused

  • Should this be optional?

fix: navigation with keys on Google sites (it's broken because Google uses (and Blink accordingly understands!) non-standard code (contenteditable="plaintext-only"))
upd: clicking the page anywhere does update page's dimensions again

  • this at least provides a "manual" way of updating page's dimensions when the detection algorithm fails

beta 3:
new: keeping the mouse down on background bars will scroll page to mouse position
beta 2:
new: Vietnamese translation (incomplete; would you mind completing the options page, ppanhh?)
new: bars are not shown anymore if possible scroll is just 1 single pixel
fix: bars are sometimes missized directly after loading the page
fix: updating of horizontal bars during scrolling with arrow keys
upd: Portuguese & Czech translation (thx AndrΓ© & Ahoj1234)
beta 1:
new: more efficient and reliable way of updating bars' sizes

  • in Presto, I had no choice but treating all possible triggers that might change page's dimensions, i.e. clicks, transitions, changes in DOM (pretty costly),…
  • Blink now offers a completely new and more straight-forward approach: I'm only treating what matters: dimension-changes
  • if you're interested in how stuff works, you might wanna have a look at Backalleycoder's post (the ones who follow my blog for some time already know him cause I also used his DOMNodeInserted trick. This guy's a genius and this solution a hack of a hack, so it's worth reading) πŸ’‘

new: input fields in options page are verified, show a visual feedback and are set back if the value you entered is out of range
fix: bars' positions are incorrect during scrolling in Chrome 27+ & Opera

  • this used to work fine in Presto as well as in Chrome up to version 26
  • I have no idea what they changed and thus I can't fix it; I guess, it's a bug, but since it's in the finals of Opera 15 and Chrome 27, I have to deal with it
  • hence it's now using the old fashioned way to calculate bar's position which I used in the beginning (it was slower in Presto because of the lack of requestAnimationFrame, but I didn't feel any slow downs now in Blink :up:)

As always, keep the feedback coming and please don't forget to head over to modern scroll on Transifex for translations, cause after releasing is before releasing πŸ˜‰


Comments on: "modern scroll 3.1 -discontinued-" (14)

  1. Thanks.

  2. mha2999 said:

    Thank you

  3. mubaidr said:

    Working good! :up: But why not customize the default scroll bars of Opera and use custom functions for scrolling? I think this will increase performance. :left:

  4. christoph142 said:

    Because it's impossible to define opacity, change their width/height for hovering, hide them when they are not needed,…long story short: because custom bars are WAY more configurable.

  5. Originally posted by christoph142:

    long story short: because custom bars are WAY more configurable.

    And way more sexy. :flirt:

  6. mubaidr said:

    Originally posted by An-dz:

    And way more sexy.

    πŸ˜† :beer:

  7. I like how this extension scrolls but I don't like the custom scrollbars…something they disappear, don't work correctly with some extensions (Clearly) and sites (Google groups) and they become larger when you zoom a page. Can you add an option to have default scrollbars?

  8. anonymous said:

    Anonymous writes:Thanks for your work Christoph.I've had to disable "For the keyboard" in options though as I can't use Google+ with it enabled on Opera 15. Whenever I type a space in a textbox (comment, new post etc), the page scrolls downwards instead.

  9. christoph142 said:

    Originally posted by kapsi:

    Can you add an option to have default scrollbars?

    In short: no (because they get hidden via CSS before the extension injects anything into the page)Originally posted by anonymous:

    Whenever I type a space in a textbox (comment, new post etc), the page scrolls downwards instead.

    Do the arrow keys scroll the page, too, when you focus those textboxes? (Don't forget to re-enable custom scrolling functions for testing)

  10. anonymous said:

    Anonymous writes:^Yes, they also scroll the page with it enabled and I can't use the left or right keys to move the cursor either. I tested this on a fresh install of Opera.

  11. I have just noticed today. Modern Scroll's bottom bar is not usable with Tweetdeck(web.tweetdeck.com). Here is picture: http://i.imgur.com/GyV4laa.pngWhen you try to use scrolls, it doesn't allow scrolling or hard to do.Afterthat I thoguht maybe a new option can be good. Can you add an option to save websites we want to exclude this extension. I mean deactive on web.tweetdeck.com or similar…

  12. anonymous said:

    Davey126 writes:The custom scroll bars are rather ugly in Gmail. I suspect you have considered this but would it be possible to create a URL exclusion list to disable or hide the bars?

  13. anonymous said:

    Anonymous writes:wht will happen to modern scroll now?

  14. christoph142 said:

    Nothing special. Since 3.1's main feature isn't working, I reverted these changes and will publish a bugfix release (3.0.1) instead containing all other adjustments made so far.A first version will probably show up in here tomorrow, so stay tuned πŸ˜‰

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