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Textbox Auto Resizer

modern scroll became frustrating. So I put my energy into porting another extension to Chromium. …

As the title says, I decided to rename TextBoXpander for Chromium since – according to download stats – most people don't get the extension's purpose and just ignore it.

Here's Textbox Auto Resizer 2.0 :up:

new: ported to Chromium
new: completely redesigned options page
new: Vietnamese & Polish translations (thx bizover & Saskatchewan)

P.S: Textbox Auto Resizer is now on Transifex, too 😉


Comments on: "Textbox Auto Resizer" (7)

  1. Great, I was greatly missing it on new Opera. Thanks again for your hard work. I'll try to translate it as soon I find some time to do so.

  2. christoph142 said:

    You're always welcome to share your wishes with me. I'll see what I can do about it then ;)You don't actually need to translate it. It just needs to be copy-n-pasted from .oex version. Either one of us (or whoever just got time) can do it whenever he/she wants to :up:

  3. anonymous said:

    Anonymous writes:I'm not sure but I have a problem with modern scroll.If I were to do a google search, sometimes I can never press the link that I want to go to because of the 'white higlight' that enables you to scroll through the entire page much quicker.How can I get rid of that feature?

  4. This is probably "superbar".

  5. LDMartin1959 said:

    I couldn't find your email for contact so I'll post this here. No disrespect to the creator of your toolbar icon but I'd like to offer my take on it for consideration: http://files.myopera.com/LDMartin1959/albums/14742732/Textbox%20Auto%20Resizer.png

  6. christoph142 said:

    Thanks for your work. I always appreciate a helping hand as well as new ideas :)Lauren's icon is set since version 1.0 though and I don't wanna change it for consistency reasons.

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