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modern scroll 3.0.1

As promised in yesterday's comment on discontinued version 3.1, here's the first build of version 3.0.1 for you to play with. :up: …

For those of you who didn't read it yet: the hack I implemented in version 3.1 to detect changes in page's dimensions unfortunately

  1. is unreliable &
  2. breaks layouts (e.g. Facebook's image overlays will not cover the entire screen anymore)

which renders it unusable for everyday use.
Since there's no way to get rid of these issues, I decided to revert this change and publish version 3.0.1 instead containing all other adjustments out of 3.1.

This is it: modern scroll 3.0.1

Let me know how this build is working for you. Especially if bars are missized on any pages.

Thanks and happy testing :cheers:


Comments on: "modern scroll 3.0.1" (14)

  1. Christoph, I want to thank you for all your work, unfortunately, I cannot use Modern Scroll anymore.My motherboard is dying and so is my HDD, so if Opera is stressing them just a bit, the performance drop is so severe, it makes almost my whole PC unusable.I'm not saying it's MScroll's fault, but it does some overhead to the already exhausted system. I think you already noticed I haven't posted too much in any of the Modern Scroll updates.

  2. christoph142 said:

    Yes, I did.Too bad you're out.Would you mind giving me a hand with Romanian translation nevertheless?

  3. I will look into those :D.

  4. I'm still using Opera <13 but from time to time I open new Opera. Probably one reason I don't find bugs. Ah, you could add to use modern scroll on Opera's internal pages.I finished the translations of modern scroll (1 string left :p) and Textbox Auto Resizer (old TextBoXpander). :yes:

  5. anonymous said:

    Anonymous writes:is the "clicking the page anywhere updates page dimensions again" taken out of this beta?

  6. christoph142 said:

    No, it isn't. It's supposed to update. Anything wrong?Thx AndrΓ©. You're awesome πŸ™‚

  7. anonymous said:

    Anonymous writes:nope

  8. christoph142 said:

    Since nobody's experiencing any issues, this build is going to be the final then I guess πŸ™‚

  9. Davey126 writes:Is Modern Scroll still under active development? I have begun to experience problems on my bank site where modern scroll doesn't seem to know where the top and bottom of the page are. Scrolling mid-page only triggers small movements before stopping as if at the top/bottom. Hovering over the right edge suggests multiple 'active' scroll bars are being generated: one that knows the full page size while the other doesn't. Dragging top to bottom works ok but the home/end buttons do not. I can only reproduce this on my banking site although I have seen it elsewhere on occasion. Usually reloading the pages fixes the problem. Unfortunately, this workaround does not work on the banking site. As a result I have had to disable Modern Scroll which I sorely miss!

  10. christoph142 said:

    yes it is. But the info you mentioned doesn't suffice to investigate the issue.

  11. anonymous said:

    Anonymous writes:when could we expect a new version?

  12. christoph142 said:

    whenever bugs pop up that need to be fixed or you come up with a lacking feature that draws my interest.(I'm not enhancing modern scroll on my own atm. The reason is stated in here.)

  13. anonymous said:

    Davey126 writes:Sorry for the delay in responding. Unfortunately, the unusual behavior noted in my Sept 30th post only occurs after logging into my banking site; it does not happen on their public pages. I have since switches to another (inferior) scrolling tool from the Chrome store so I won't be able to detect if another public site triggers this behavior. Sorry I can't help you any further.(I wish you the best in your personal situation. I did donate a few coins awhile back as I believe in rewarding developers for their efforts. Modern Scroll is good stuff – just doesn't work for me)

  14. I did not yet check it, but I hope the auto scroll in cleanPages v2 for 15++ doesn't bite with modern scroll this time.http://my.opera.com/QuHno/blog/cleanpages-v2It shouldn't if you still use id="ms_style" for the stylesheet … πŸ™‚

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