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Time for something new :cheers: …

It's been atypically quiet in here during the last weeks. That's not because I didn't have enough spare time, but simply because I didn't know what else to do.

modern scroll works perfectly fine for me and I didn't receive bug reports for any of my extensions as of late :yes:

But I finally found something that's bugging me again ^^
Since I'm a lazy person (reaaaally lazy!), I'm always trying to avoid any work that doesn't need to be done. You maybe noticed already that hence I'm a big fan of automation (-> Textbox Auto Resizer).

Speaking of laziness, TabTap is an all-new nifty extension that offers me and all of you without a mouse with a middle button the possibility to minimize mouse movements.

Double tapping Opera's tab bar to open a new tab (wow, pretty confusing, tab tap tabbleditap :faint:) might be gone for good, but with this extension, you can just double-click anywhere on an empty area on the page to open a new tab :yes:

This works for mouse, trackpad and touchscreens and I made sure that it'll not interfere with text-selection :up:

Side-note: Due to Chromiums IMHO very immature text-selection, it might not always work the way you intend it to work (e.g. clicking the empty space on the left side of this blog does select the word "Download" at the very bottom, which you might not even see if you do not scroll down and thus does not open a new page). I therefore recommend to tap somewhere near the right border wherever possible 💡

Now that you know what to expect, give it a try if you want to: TabTap 1.0 🙂

Let me know if this is handy for you, what you'd like to see changed/enhanced,… 😉


Comments on: "TabTap" (9)

  1. Originally posted by christoph142:

    Not if you're using a laptop without a mouse.

    well, that's true… "sadly" I'm "only" a desktop and a mobile user (and AFAIK we can't use extension on mobiles… yet…). Mostly I do not use laptops… Then it could be a little bit useful in some cases. though I hope that it's not a lot of sensitive since on a trackpad it's easy to tap twice during scrolling etc as far as I remember…so sorry, for now you win this race/fight or whatever 🙂

  2. christoph142 said:

    Originally posted by ahoj1234:

    Do you have some drinking issues?

    No, nonalcoholic over here :lol:Originally posted by ahoj1234:

    nice work but simply "right mouse + move down" (mouse gesture) is way better (I think)

    Correct if you're a desktop user (I really loved mouse gestures). Not if you're using a laptop without a mouse. Mouse gestures require two hands (or a very weired wrench) on my trackpad whereas double tapping needs one finger for me 😉

  3. Do you have some drinking issues? 😀 I used to use that double click on a tab bar… but this extension… well… you had to were really bored 😀 still, nice work but simply "right mouse + move down" (mouse gesture) is way better (I think)… anyway, keep the good work going, I appreciate it! 🙂 you are on a good way but you will see how many users will install this one more than for a try 🙂

  4. Unfortunately my computer is a zombie right now and might only be able to fix it tomorrow night. 90% of it is not working, can't install almost anything. The only browser that works is Opera 12.16 and I have all the major ones.Anyway, don't seem to be an extension for me, even though I'm on a laptop I can do mouse gestures easily.Originally posted by christoph142:

    Originally posted by ahoj1234:

    Do you have some drinking issues?

    No, nonalcoholic over here 😆

    Ahhhhh, come one. A German that doesn't drink. :jester:

  5. It is a bit strange becouse it doesn't work on anywhere on screen with O16. Pls try doucle-click on left side of your blog. but it works after content of blog through right side 🙂

  6. christoph142 said:

    did you read the side-note in my post?

  7. Yes but missed some, sorry:-)thanks.

  8. christoph142 said:

    I get that I might be the only one this extension is actally useful to :whistle:Hence, I'm not going to upload it to Opera's catalog. If somebody's interested, you can find it right here instead :up:Concerning the side-note: I filed a bug report :ninja:

  9. Originally posted by christoph142:

    Concerning the side-note: I filed a bug report :ninja:

    Which won't be fixed in the near nor far future. This bug is caused by the ridiculous selection of elements of Webkit and always existed. I don't know if it was inherited from KHTML or if KDE have fixed it, but Apple haven't fixed it, Google haven't fixed it.

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