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modern scroll 3.0.2

ImageHey pals,

welcome over here in my new home 🙂

Today I have a little update for you.

modern scroll now observes changes to element’s heights in an additional way.

As you may have noticed already (Why didn’t anybody report it if you did?), modern scroll e.g. failed to update when you load additional comments in Disqus. This issue is gone now thanks to the new checks 😉

Wanna see it for yourself? Here it is!

That’s all I got for you right now since it works just fine in all other aspects for me. If you got any additional issues drop a comment 😉


Update: The link now points to the final version. Changes since RC:

Portuguese translation update (thx André)

all links now point to this blog instead of MyOpera


Comments on: "modern scroll 3.0.2" (32)

  1. André (An_dz) said:

    Thanks, I noticed it sometimes. Anyway I’m still mainly using Opera 12.

    I fixed some translations for modern scroll (forgot one stupid symbol that doesn’t change meaning or speaking) and am starting to translate Documents.

    I sent you a pull request to bring back fast-forward with spacebar at end of page on Opera 12, if you’re still interested on old version.

    • Thanks André 🙂 I’m going to pull your translation into 3.0.2 before the release 😉

      And sure, go ahead and send a pull request for O12-version 🙂

  2. I think you should disable the comments at my.opera.com

  3. The new check rocks, just test here:

    Click on “Font Categories” and see how smoothly beautiful the bar goes.

    Also, I have an experiment on my modern scroll fork for Facebook, it places the vertical bar on the left side of the chat bar, which takes it away from over the chat scrollbars.

    It’s very basic change, only CSS, if the chat bar is hidden the bar goes back to its correct place. It’s just an experiment that to my liking works but may be a little confusing for some people.

  4. With this update I keep getting a bug where I can’t scroll past a certain point on some pages. I have no notice a specific pattern but it seems to happen on any website. It seems to have something to do with using mouse3 scroll wheel.

  5. Hi developer,

    I am a fan of the Middle click Auto Scrolling of Opera 12. It was so very precise and I could scroll it in very tiny smooth steps.

    Is the auto scrolling behavious doable for the Modern Scroll addon?

    If the feature already exists in addon – then please advise me on where I should look for it or adjust it

    • You can call me Christoph 😉

      I’m a bit confused right now. I guess you’re talking about pressing the mouse wheel and adjusting scroll speed by the distance you move your mouse away from point you clicked?
      Just wondering since there’s nothing automated about it…

      I implemented this feature (by mistake ^^) in an earlier version of modern scroll (some 2.X beta) but removed it again since Opera did that by itself. I’m not using a mouse anymore since I’m solely working with a multi touch pad so I don’t know how Opera 15+ behaves there… Is middle clicking gone completely? Or just not as smooth as expected…?

      edit: I just checked this. Pressing the mouse wheel works in Opera 15+ just as well as in Opera 12.x. So I guess I got you wrong…?

  6. Hi again Cristoph.

    yes precisely correct I am talking about pressing on mouse Middle-click.

    I am running Opera 20 dev build and I am comparing the middle-click Auto scroll with Opera 12 and yes there is more ‘gentle’ experience with Opera 12 in that when I go up/down at a super slow scroll then Opera 12 would abide by what I do and do it smoothly…However Opera 20 is not doing this (I know its a dev build but it is the same scrolling as stable build)

    I could make a small video comparing the two and post the link.

    It’s good to know you had it in a v2.xx Beta, Please sir I really need this badly if you still have the code for it

  7. Yes I enabled “Smooth Scrolling” in opera:flags —> to no avail it does not change anything.

    I even tried using the Classic Scroll addon from here: https://addons.opera.com/en-gb/extensions/details/classic-scroll/?display=en
    Still no luck

    On a side note: Was also happy to see the MHT (mhtml) feature in opera flags that I happily enabled too before restarting the browser.

  8. Christoph, did you realise it from video?

    • Yes, I got your point. This should be fixable 😉
      I just didn’t see that before over here since I do have a 3200*1800px display. Hence the minimal scroll velocity looks slower than on your device.

  9. Thank you a lot for this support.

    Would it be addressed in the next build available through the Opera addons?

    Opera addons auto-update themselves so I would not no when to check for it…I hope it’s not impertinent of me to ask for an ETA of release?

    • Yes, I’m gonna upload it to Opera’s catalog eventually. However, it’s gonna show up in here for testing before. So you might wanna check back.

      I can’t give you a precise ETA since I’m in the middle of some examinations. But as a rough estimate:
      If you’re lucky by Friday. Latest in about a week 😉

  10. I have a question,

    How do I disable the default look of the scroll bar that Modern Scroll gives me?

    I want to use Modern Scrollf while still keeping my Opera native style toolbar

    please advise

  11. Is it possible as a feature request?

    • Christoph said:

      No. I had this discussion once before. I’m not gonna implement an option to switch of an extension’s main functionality. That’s unbelievably hard to realize and even harder to maintain. I’d have to alter the base structure which I will certainly not do. Sorry.

      • Ok Christoph, that’s fine no worries, actually I have tweaked it in colours to look closer to the native one

        The main thing I keenly await is the middle-click scroll Opera v12 preciseness feature as discussed before. Thanks in advance.

  12. Christoph wrote 7 days ago:
    “If you’re lucky by Friday. Latest in about a week”


  13. Hi again, Christoph,

    I’ve looked through the settings of 3.03 but I cannot find it or just don’t know how to set it
    please advise me

    ps.> I hope you dont stop writing extensions like you proclaimed that you ‘might’

    • It’s enabled by default right now. I didn’t implement settings for it yet.
      PS: You may add future comments to version 3.0.3’s post. That makes life a bit easier for me since I don’t have to search then 😉

  14. Can’t find the option to enable/disable Mouse middle-click scrolling in v3.03 also would be nice if it’s speed could be adjusted too

  15. Ok I will make comments in that post starting from now 🙂

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