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Download Control 1.0 alpha 2

Download ControlSince Opera 20 now supports the necessary API, I’m continuing development of Download Control so you can enjoy its final version when Opera 20 hits final, too. So here’s a little update 🙂

What’s new in alpha 2?

  1. You can now edit existing rules. Changes are dealt in the exact same way as if you added a new rule, so everything you do gets corrected automatically (slashes, blanks,…)
    However, it doesn’t show you those corrections until you reload the page (gonna be changed later on)
  2. fixed global path (thanks again for reporting guys!)
  3. removed inline script, which I used for debugging earlier
    -> Opera won’t show you “Access your data on all websites [<all_urls>]”-permission anymore

Sounds cool? Test it!

Get Download Control 1.0 alpha 2 here 🙂
If you don’t know how to use it, have a look at my initial post about Download Control 😉

As before: it’s an alpha version, so it’s not feature complete yet. Hence let me know what you’d like to see, what needs to be improved etc. (Some cheering is appreciated, too) 😉


Comments on: "Download Control 1.0 alpha 2" (6)

  1. Hımm, it seems interestinf. After testing will add my comments.

  2. I have tried t oadd a rule but not managed. Is something wrong?

  3. Hi Christoph,

    I adapted you extension to make it event page driven instead of relying on a permanently loaded background process. Perhaps you want to take a quick look: »» https://github.com/xax/DownloadControl/commit/5c49822b09eacddd978451c88520296ad0cd24f7 (not thoroughly tested yet)

    But don’t take it as a kind of interference, though. 🙂

    • I’m currently looking into event pages since you mentioned it. Never used them before since Opera didn’t have those in times of Presto, but I guess I’ll go for it. Thanks for mentioning 😉

    • short update on this:
      I spent a LOT of time trying to make it work with event pages, but failed eventually. async storage API and async downloads API seem to be disparate.
      Your fork doesn’t work either over here. Files do end up in default download folder and your version of options page works in Chrome but doesn’t save any values at all in Opera.

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