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Download Control“Open” is back 🙂

Have you been missing “Open” in context menu, too?
Then this update will ease your pain 🙂

Download Control now has got two context menu entries:

  1. Save – as mentioned in previous post
  2. Open – offers the same functionality that used to be in Presto-based Opera-versions
    Please note though, that files only get opened in current Chrome and Opera versions.
    Opera 21 / Chrome 34 will automatically delete this file as soon as you close it, too.
    That’s because of a Chromium bug that is already fixed, but – according to devs – will probably not make it into earlier versions.

Sounds cool? Test it!

Get Download Control 1.0 alpha 4 here 🙂
If you don’t know how to use it, have a look at my initial post about Download Control 😉

Just as previous builds: it’s an alpha version, so it’s not feature complete yet. Hence let me know what you’d like to see, what needs to be improved etc. (Some cheering is appreciated, too) 😉


Comments on: "Download Control 1.0 alpha 4" (4)

  1. hey Christoph, thanks again for your hard work.
    I installed this new alpha yesterday, and I found out it adds a new search engine ! is it a bug or it meant to be as a new feature ?

  2. Opera Fan said:

    Opera 21? Most current version I know ist 20?! Is it a typo or do you have a more current version and we can expect the auto-delete feature to be working in the upcoming dev-version?

    • As explained above, it WILL fully support “open”.
      Opera 21 is not available yet. Neither to you nor to me.
      It should be available within one or two weeks max, though (I don’t know if it’ll be working right from the beginning in 21).

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