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Sexy Dialog 1.0 RC 3

Sexy DialogAbout 2 days of work went into Sexy Dialog so far.

It now reached RC status 🙂

You don’t know what Sexy Dialog is? Learn about it over here 😉

What changed from RC 2 to RC 3?

Sexy Dialog is now fail-save.
In other words, if you install this extension without having the appropriate HTML5 support (i.e. enabled the required flag atm), it’ll not put some garbage into the page, but just make your browser use a default alert.

What changed from RC 1 to RC 2?

I exchanged the background page with an event page.
This will ensure that the extension gets unloaded when it’s not needed (99% of the time since you normally don’t get an alert every few seconds) and thus doesn’t use any resources.
(Thanks to xax for making me aware of event page’s existence!)

What changed from beta to RC 1?

Only one single change: alerts() are now always being shown in the topmost frame.

This might sound trivial, but actually isn’t: I changed the entire structure of the extension, introduced a third execution layer and established communication between them. Those three layers are:

  1. inline script (executes in page’s context)
  2. content script (a.k.a injected script; works separate from page’s JavaScript, but has access to the DOM)
  3. background script (communicates with content script layers; doesn’ t have access to anything page-related)

These three layers allow Sexy Dialog to make website A (e.g. loaded in an iframe) display its alerts on website B (which can also be on a completely different server). 🙂

Wanna see it in action?

Go to opera://flags (chrome://flags respectively) and enable “Experimental Web Platform Features”, then get Sexy Dialog 1.0 RC 3 and give it a spin (click this demo after installing or go anywhere else and see its magic! (JSFiddle does use a website that differs from its main frame to execute code, so this is a demonstration of the aforementioned “cross-site-scripting”))

Since Sexy Dialog requires you to enable a flag, it’ll stay in RC status until the required features will be enabled by default to avoid unnecessary complaints.

If you get aware of any malfunctions or feel like giving me any kind of feedback, I’m looking forward to your comments below.

Have a nice weekend 🙂


Comments on: "Sexy Dialog 1.0 RC 3" (5)

  1. Oh this does look sexy. Well deserving its name.

  2. Sexy Dialog breaks the page if another alert is fired after one has already opened.

    It also breaks the JavaScript order, it should wait the input of alert to continue, so bad there’s no way. 😥

    • Well, you know best that there’s no way to make it modal… *sigh*

      But concerning the other issue: I tested it with multiple alerts. It should work… Any specific page?

  3. […] the necessary HTML5 support is available, Download Control will use Sexy Dialog instead of standard […]

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