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modern scroll 3.0.3

modern scrollHey everyone,

here’s an update to modern scroll that one of you guys has been eagerly waiting for 🙂

What’s new in final version?

  1. mouse wheel click scrolling mode can be exited with every mouse button
  2. updated translations
  3. updated blog links

What’s new in RC?

  • settings for mouse wheel click scrolling

What was new in beta?

  1. custom mouse wheel click scrolling
  2. custom mouse scrolling is now disabled by default
    This has two reasons: On the one hand, Opera 15+’s scrolling isn’t as choppy as Presto-based version, one the other hand, it seems to cause issues for some guys (I wasn’t able to reproduce them)

Wanna get it? Here you go:

Get modern scroll 3.0.3 here 🙂

Out of topic: It got pretty quiet in here lately and I’m missing the times when I got dozens of comments on posts.
I’m seriously thinking about “quitting” this blog or public extension development altogether. If I’m doing stuff only for myself, I don’t need to spend hours on writing blog posts about it… :/


Comments on: "modern scroll 3.0.3" (30)

  1. Hi Christoph,

    You may have enabled the Middle-click scrolling by default but I am not seeing any changes when I use it.

    I am now thinking that I have to adjust the middle-click scrolling speed to get that same Opera 12 effect of when I can ultra-slowly drag scoll distance away from cursor

    • You are using a two-button-mouse with a clickable scroll wheel, right?

      • Yes I am (two button optical mouse with clickable scroll wheel)

        Hang on!

        I’ve got it working now. 🙂 I am using Opera (next) v20 and I loaded the unpacked extension.

        I think that it definitely needs some speed adjusting options as well as the enable/disable option.

        I would like to test it with some speed options because when doing it (to slow-scroll downwards) if I drag the cursor upwards too instantly then the whole middle-click scroll just stops instantly.

      • I figured that those options would be necessary since – besides personal preferences – screen sizes (in terms of pixels) differ pretty much these days. I’m going to implement this setting then…

        What about the UI? Looking good?

  2. Thanks.

    and the Settings UI is just fine, crisp and nice layout.

    One suggestion though: Each sub-heading to each individual setting could be made more clearer to stand out.

    So from this: http://i.imgur.com/3JWm9ud.png

    to this: http://i.imgur.com/YFIR0pM.png

    Or alternatively use a highlight colour on the text for those sub-headings.

    • OK. But I was actually talking about the middle-click-scrolling UI O:)

      • Well initially I thought that UI for the middle-click scroller could be made a little bit larger and slighly with slight added semi-transparency…But that was me just being picky on first impression 🙂 Would you agree on that though?

  3. Any update on a version with the speed control and on/off setting? Also the UI suggestion I made?

    • Will this update (with the additional settings) get published soon?

    • I’m usually pretty fast, but things are normally not happening in a day’s time.
      I’m developing this stuff in my spare time, so please keep patient.
      I guess I’m gonna have this update ready later this week. But no promises whatsoever.

  4. Iv’e just tested version 3.0.3 RC

    a major THANK YOU !!! Christoph 🙂

    and I truly love the new designed (larger sized) cursor icon for the middle click scroll

    Please don’t quit making extensions, your a good developer with kindness….

    …..It’s a nice extra curricular activity you extension devs for Opera and Firefox do, the world of internet users appreciates it.

    It would be lovely if you could send me your Gmail address…..

    …..Plus I might have some extension ideas for you to keep in your personal wishlist for possible creation. Once again, thanks. Gmail?

    • So yes my elated response denoted to the fact that middle-click scrolling is now as smooth and precise as Opera 12’s just as I wanted along with the added bonus of a larger sized designed scrolling cursor for the middle click.
      Yes all working now in 3.0.3 RC 🙂

      1.) So when will this be available published on the Opera addons site?

      2.) Do you think you should leave the middle-click setting enabled by default?

      3.) What’s your Gmail address?

      • Actually I didn’t change the cursor from beta to RC 😀 (I was wondering about your comment before since it was bigger than the default one right away). But since we’re now seeing the same thing I’m glad that we can agree on it (I tested some opacity, too, but it either wasn’t noticeable or distracting) 😀

        1) If no bugs show up (since it’s an RC) I’ll upload it by tomorrow. Should be approved by Friday then

        2) It actually is disabled by default. I don’t wanna force features on anybody 😉

        3) I’m not using GMail, but if you take an ordinary mail-address, too: my user name (at) gmx[dot]com

  5. Hello! Thank you for this tool, it’s very nice to have.
    One suggestion: When the page becomes longer (reloads content), I cannot scroll down past the point where it used to end. It’s as if the Modern Scroll prevents me from scrolling down. Example: http://yle.fi/uutiset/tuoreimmat/ – the page loads more content when you scroll down to the bottom. With the Modern Scroll I cannot see it.
    PS How’s your financial situation now – any changes for the better? Good luck!

    • Hey Christian,

      I’m glad you like it 🙂

      Thanks for reporting your issue and actually posting a website. I heard about this particular issue multiple times now. However, I still can’t reproduce it.
      I tried the website you posted in Opera 18 and 21, with and without custom scrolling functions and with mouse as well as keyboard. Everything works just fine on my device. Would you mind trying to reproduce this issue in a clean Opera install without any other extensions? And if the issue is gone could you investigate what’s causing it?
      I’ll be happy to fix this then 😉

      I wish I could say that my financial situation improved, but it’s pretty constant.
      I got some donations for which I’m incredibly thankful 🙂
      But they total to less than 0,1% of my debts. So still waiting for a miracle I guess ^^

  6. nice extension…thank you

  7. hope i nice with downloads

  8. Could you kindly add the hand-tool/grab-and-drag/click-scroll functionality to your great extension to support pen-tablet users? Thanks!

  9. Hi there,

    I’m French.
    I’m participating in the translation of turn Off the Lights extension into FR.
    I may also translate you extension into FR because your French translations in the Modern scroll settings come from a translator. So that’s really horrible to understand !!

    I’m use to crowdin to translate into Fr Turn Off the Lights. If you prepare me English texts on this also, I can translate.
    Or the developer sometimes send me a .doc file in English => I translate into Fr > I send back it to him the file => he published the translations fixes in the next version of his app.

    E-mail me back if you are interested in that proposal !


  10. stealth789 said:


    first thank you for good extension.

    I have question, if you plan to implement search result position marks on your scroll bars? I mean when you search within page some word, and it’s found, match positions are marked on scrollbar with colored lines. I know this is somesting new even in opera/chromium. But it would be nice to have this functionality.

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