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Documents 3.1


Documents didn’t get an update for approximately half a year now. So it’s about time… 😉

As mentioned in a previous post, I’m tired of writing blog posts just for myself. Hence I’m only going to name the facts:

What’s new?

  • new: Documents is event-page-driven now
    -> it’ll get suspended whenever it’s not actively used and thus frees up resources
  • upd: support links

Get Documents 3.1 now

Any feedback would be appreciated…


Comments on: "Documents 3.1" (22)

  1. Doesn’t seem to work for me?
    Mac OS 10.6.8, Opera 19

    • That’s bad since I already uploaded it to Opera’s catalog yesterday.
      It does work on my Windows-device, but I can’t guarantee that it does on Mac…

      edit: it just got approved by moderators. They normally test extensions before they do so. I don’t know on which platforms, though. Please try downloading version 3.1 out of the official catalog again and tell me if this issue still persists 😉

  2. Anonymous said:

    It is a nice application and very useful, kind a “all in one” which it s a good thing. I appreciate also the look, a clear one, with the essentials buttons. Overall, you did a great job. Thanks!

  3. OK, I have Opera 20 and for me the extension works for PDFs, Opera doesn’t download them anymore. But DOCs etc. are a different story. I’ve checked the extension associations and everything’s checked. Also, I can’t edit file types behaviour of Opera 20. So, what to do?

  4. Anonymous said:

    I have the same problem like ”bronk”. DOCs do not open. Opera ask me where to save the document. I want to open it before saving. How can I get to Tools menu on Opera 20 ?

  5. ProjectSoft said:

    Замечен баг расширения.
    Вернее это не баг, а недоработка.
    Ссылки имеющие аттрибут dowland не должны обрабатываться скриптом расширения. Думаю не нужно объяснять для чего этот аттрибут.
    Посмотрите, как ведут себя при этом браузеры. Просто предлагают сохранить страницу viewer.htm, которая к скачиваемому файлу не имеет никакого отношения.

    • ProjectSoft said:

      Решение очень простое

      Скрипт linkmanip.js

      		function changeLinks()
      			if(window.event.animationName !== "documents_linkInserted") return;
      			var l = window.event.target;
      			if(l.href.match(wanted_docs) && !l.hasAttribute('download')) {

    • Sorry, I don’t speak Russian (or Bulgarian?).
      What’s the matter?

  6. Не работает на Opera 26.0

  7. Is there anyway to add list of “exception” sites?

  8. Anonymous said:

    Goes straight to Save dialogue with Opera 29.0.1795.41(and some previous versions) for me on Windows 8.

  9. Hi, just installed this extension, restarted Opera but no files are opened. Somewhere some settings to be applied?

  10. Hello, thanks you for this extensions. It are very utils.
    I am using Opera 12.16 on Debian GNU/Linux Wheezy.
    The new version, Documents 3.1, is not compatible with this version of browser. I can’t upgrade it, because the new opera’s versions are for 64-bit architecture and my older-PC is 32-bit.
    Plis, will can you enable a link for download the version Documents 2.1.
    I am sure that I am not the single that need this excellent extension.

  11. Who allowed you to provide third party compatibility using php permissions’ vulnerability?

    • I think I’ve scrolled up and down this post 12 times now. These are some of the best wedding photos I’ve ever soon (sounds like an exentaragiog, but it’s not). Beautiful, serene, crisp, and real. I love it.

  12. Anonymous said:

    hi cen u help i can’t view my pdf files on laptop with win8 :/

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  14. Hey Christoph142, update your add-on, please.

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