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Download Control
A brand new update for Download Control is awaiting you 🙂

For those of you who didn’t follow development already during alpha-stage, you can find an elaboration of Download Control’s basic concept in its initial post.
You can also find some more in-depth knowledge there. So go ahead and read about using regexps and variables to maximize your rules’ efficiency if you like.
I’ll be waiting right here for you to come back 😛

What’s new in Download Control’s beta 3?

  • new: window closing prevention
    Download Control now has a setting (enabled by default) to ask you for confirmation before closing the browser whenever there’s a download in progress
  • new: notifications for suggestions of new rules (only works in Chrome for now since Opera still lacks the necessary API)
  • new: Polish translation (thx Piotr)
    again, I’d be thankful for more translations
  • upd: omnibox commands
    they aren’t fully functional yet since there’s a bug in Opera that needs to be fixed first

Changes in Download Control 1.0 beta 2:

  • new: frees up resources
    it now uses an event page; so the extension gets unloaded when you don’t download any stuff
  • fix: auto-detection of default download folder
  • upd: extended translations
  • upd: new icon

Changes in Download Control 1.0 beta 1:

  1. rule suggestions
    As hinted in last alpha build, Download Control can now make your life easy by suggesting additional rules whenever you save files (using “Save linked content as…”) where they wouldn’t end up if the extension had determined the location based on your current set of rules.
    You will find those suggestions right below your rules in options page. You can edit them right in place and adopt them to make Download Control use them for future downloads or delete them if you find ’em unnecessary.
    There’s one unsolved issue with those suggestions:
    at the moment, there’s no proper way to notify you about their existence.
    The suitable option would surely be Chrome’s notifications, but this API isn’t available in Opera yet.
    Hence I was thinking about different options, but haven’t really made up my mind yet
  2. translation
    As all of my extensions, Download Control, too is supposed to get translated by you guys and girls out there.
    If you feel like lending me a hand, head over to Transifex and start translating it into your language.
    Thanks in advance to everybody doing so. You’re the best 🙂
  3. bug fixes
    there’s a bunch of them in there, but I just wanted to name one that’s pretty prominent:
    Whenever you enter something in a field that doesn’t validate, it’s gonna be restored to previous value as soon as you unfocus this field instead of keeping junk that didn’t get saved until you reload or reopen options page

Sounds cool? Give it a spin!

Get Download Control 1.0 beta 3 now 🙂

I’d still love to get some feedback from you about features and overall usability 😉
And one distinct question that hasn’t been answered so far: Did automated default download folder detection work for you?
Drop me a comments, please.


Comments on: "Download Control 1.0 beta 3" (12)

  1. Anonymous said:

    Hi! Is it possible to get this extension working on the new final V19?

    • Short answer is “no”.
      Opera 19 is missing an API. But you would notice as soon as you tried installing. Opera notifies you in red that it can’t deal with this extension.

  2. aNONyMOUSme said:

    hey christoph, love modern scroll!!!!!

  3. Looks great so far.

  4. I just noticed search query as “download ….”
    Nice 🙂

  5. Piter432 said:

    Hi, someone on Opera blogs wrote about this extension so I installed it and looks like nice 🙂 Now i’m trying to translate your extension to my laungage (Polish).

  6. Could you upload it to the chrome webstore?
    Also FYI http://crbug.com/349715 😦

    • Hey Benjamin,
      Nice to see you over here 🙂
      Unfortunately your link is a “permission denied” for me. I guess it contains a bug that’s preventing you from fixing the other issue?
      About uploading it: I would upload all my extensions to Chrome’s catalog, but I don’t see the point in me paying money to become an approved developer in order to provide them for free via Google’s store.

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