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modern scroll 3.0.4

modern scrollAre you ready for some more scrolling improvements? 🙂

Here’s a little update to modern scroll for you. Check it out.

What’s new in final?

  • fix: scrollbars aren’t visible until site is loaded completely
  • fix: UI scaling doesn’t work correctly on HiDPI devices

What’s new in RC 2?

  • new: support for HTML5 fullscreen API
    This will fix multiple websites where scrollbars stayed visible over elements that got switched into fullscreen mode
    e.g. videos at vimeo.com (thx infuz for reporting) or the chart at HTML5test.com

What changed in 3.0.4 RC1?

  • new: setting to additionally end mouse wheel click scrolling mode by turning the mouse wheel ( popular user request 🙂 )
  • new: UI is partially independent of site zoom
  • fix: can’t open links by clicking them with mouse wheel if custom mouse wheel scrolling is enabled
  • upd: French translation (thx Bozz65)

I don’t currently have a mouse here, so the new setting as well as the fix are written blindly without testing.
Hence please let me know if they are working for you. I won’t release it until I get feedback on them!

The UI improvement is currently only applicable to scrollbars and it’s not working perfectly yet.
I’m trying to figure out a way to improve it, but I’m not having that much time atm (which you might have noticed already as my post-ratio dropped quite a bit).
Still, IMO it’s better than before as bars used to get really fat when zoomed in. Now they stay constant in size. Only (probably fixable) issue is that its ends look misshaped the more you zoom in.

Wanna get your hands on it? Here you go:

Download modern scroll 3.0.4 here 🙂


Comments on: "modern scroll 3.0.4" (16)

  1. Anonymous said:

    End mouse wheel click scrolling is working fine so far.

    On another note: scrolling up is not smooth, but scrolling down is working fine.
    // Velocity of scrolling by mouse wheel and trackpad: 77
    // Distance scrolled per mouse wheel rotation: 130

  2. squirrel said:

    There are some rather strange issues on youtube. The player stays black until you scroll or the page size changes, and it turns black when hovering your mouse over almost all clickable objects on the page. scrolling up or down makes the player appear again.

    • There’s a bug in Opera that’s already fixed which makes Flash content disappear if transparent content is displayed above it.
      This may be it…

      • squirrel said:

        Your hunch about the flash bug seems to be right, installing an extension that forces html5 playback fixes the problem. Disabling modernscroll did also fix it though.

      • squirrel said:

        can’t reply to my last comment for some reason.
        Anyway, I discovered that the problem only exists when I’m using the classic theme in windows.

    • Hello Сhristoph. Allow negative interval for the parameter “Distance to the border of the window”, please.

  3. Dose this extension collect any data when enabled in private mode?

  4. My suggestion is to get ridding of superbar!
    Scrolling should be possible simply through clicking ANYWHERE ON THE SCROLL BAR and not precisely on some part of it! Moreover – then respectively to distance of dragging the speed of scrolling should follow.

  5. Hi Christoph, thanks for making the modern scroll extension! It is quite nice and works fine.
    One feedback for the superbar: it would be great if the superbar would be either slightly visible when available (maybe very low transparency or another allocation) or be activated by pressing or holding a command button that the user can set.
    The way it is now it makes it sometimes hard to ‘find’ the super bar button as it is not visible when the mouse cursor is not close to it, and after scrolling around it often takes a bit to find the superbar button again, which eliminates the use of the bar because then I would be quicker again by just using the normal bars, which are two but always easy to find.

  6. Anonymous said:

    Das setting für “im Abstand von xx pix zum Rand triggern” funktioniert nicht wirklich gut.
    Setze ich es auf zb 50 so blitzt die leiste kurz bei 50 auf um sofort wieder zu verschwinden und erst wieder aufzutauchen wenn man direkt über der Laufleiste sich befindet

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