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100 posts

A wrap-up of the past 2,5 years

When I started writing my first post back in February of 2012, I’d never expected to keep on doing this as long as reaching 100 posts. But here we are now.

It’s been an exciting time. This blog has reached a total of 1083 comments (the all-time high of a single post is 73 comments) as of time of writing and currently attracts nearly 2000 visitors every month.

However, since switching from myOpera to WordPress, feedback dropped drastically. It mostly feels like I’m writing stuff for my own reference only.


This is why I decided to make my 100th post my last one.


I’ll probably keep on updating and developing my extensions, but there won’t be any more posts about it in a foreseeable future.
Thanks to all of you who commented and cheered during those 2,5 years. It’s been a pleasure.





P.S.: For those of you who wanna stay up to date, I suggest starring my GitHub repos. You can also report bugs and request features there.
You can also follow me on Twitter.


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  1. Piter432 said:


  2. Quote:
    > P.S.: For those of you who wanna stay up to date, I suggest starring my GitHub repos.

    Done, for a long time. 😀

  3. Thanks Christoph for improving our Opera experience for a long time. I loved Modern Scroll and Documents during Opera 12 days. There two extensions sometimes were enough to convince some people to use Opera back then, in the Presto days.

    It was a journey. I hope you are ok financially now and you finished your pilot training :D.

    • Thanks for your kind words. 🙂
      You know that most of my extensions are available for Chromium, too, right? And I’m still actively maintaining and developing. So it’s actually not a pure memory of good old times 😉
      I just stopped writing long blog posts that nobody reads anymore, but tweet about releases instead 😉

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