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modern scroll 2.4.3

As you might have seen in my previous modern scroll post already, another little issue showed up after I had uploaded version 2.4.2 to Opera's extension catalog.

Here's the fix :up: …



modern scroll 2.3.1

I'm desperately waiting for a WebKit-based build with mutation observers support. They should improve modern scroll's performance pretty noticeably.
That switch is also the reason I don't wanna waist any time on tinkering now since they might be history very soon anyway.

But I'll try to fix bugs at least… :up: …


TextBoXpander 1.0.1

Here's a tiny bug fix release for you :up: …


modern scroll 2.2.1

I told you that you shouldn't expect a lot in here during the next two weeks because of my rare spare time.

But I know that you like getting new stuff as much as I do. That's why I couldn't help but do a little bug fix release at least :up: …


modern scroll 2.1.4

I'm eventually running out of words, so I'll get straight to the point:

Here's another bug fix release :chef: …


modern scroll 2.1.3

I'm starting to get tired of fixing bugs (and I guess you're getting tired of reading about them) 😆

But we need to do what needs to be done… 😉 …


Simply gone [COLOR=green][solved][/COLOR]

A new bug (DSK-380871) arose in Opera and it's severely affecting modern scroll:

modern scroll disappears as soon as you restart Opera!