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Documents 3.1


Documents didn’t get an update for approximately half a year now. So it’s about time… 😉


Documents 3.0

Documents goes Chromium :up: …


Documents 2.2

Second try for 2.2 …


Documents 2.1.1

Yet another little update for you :up:

Although it's just a minor version bump, this is not a bugfix-release… …


Documents 2.1

Both modern scroll and Documents used a DOMNodeInserted-EventListener, which is deprecated and causes incompatibilities with various pages, but doesn't have an alternative yet.

Fortunately, I came across a great hack to replace it which I already implemented in modern scroll 2.3. Now it's time for Documents to catch up :up: …


Happy anniversary

February the 13th 2012, right to the day one year ago (it feels like forever to me) CursorAdjust, my first extension, got published in Opera's catalog. …


Documents 2.0.5

Another tiny Christmas gift is lingering in here for you 🙂 …