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It's another weekend without any news from Opera. So I thought, I'd give you a little insight in my upcoming extension number 6 :up: …




A few months ago I was asked if I could enhance modern scroll so you can drag-throw pages around in Opera just like on your mobile devices.
The exact same request reached me last week again.

That's why I want to give you a heads up on this topic now :up: …


Smart Clipboard 1.3.1

modern scroll is awesome, but it's not my only extension (Although you can easily think it is by just looking at this first blog page :whistle:)

That's why here's a little update for Smart Clipboard :up: …


No. 1 :yikes: :hat: :cheers:

We made it!

modern scroll currently is the most awesome extension in Opera's catalog!


modern scroll 2.1

Another update is awaiting you.

Don't let it slip away! 😉 …


New Year, new version (2.1 beta) ! :hat:

I hope you all had a great start into the year 2013 :cheers:

Whenever your hangover vanishes and you feel like getting something fresh, check out this all new modern scroll build 😉 …


:bug: bugs bugs bugs :bug:

Bugs are annoying. That's why whenever I (or you) come across one in my extensions, I try to fix them ASAP.

If you have a bigger program such as Opera itself, that's not possible anymore and you start categorizing them into "fix ASAP", "fix some day" and "who cares".

My extensions are affected by a wide range of Opera's bugs and this post is going to elaborate a bit on that. …