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modern scroll 3.0.2

ImageHey pals,

welcome over here in my new home 🙂

Today I have a little update for you.



Good news or bad news?

Version 3.0.1 could very well be modern scroll’s last one… …


modern scroll 3.0.1

As promised in yesterday's comment on discontinued version 3.1, here's the first build of version 3.0.1 for you to play with. :up: …


modern scroll 3.1 -discontinued-

What do you do when something is just perfect?

You make it even better! 😛 …


modern scroll 3.0

Are you ready for Blink?

modern scroll is! :yes: …


modern scroll 2.4.4

Here's a little update for those of you who are not aboard the Next-train yet 😉 …


modern scroll 3.0 RC 6 – 8

I had uploaded the final version of modern scroll 3.0 to Opera's catalog already, but now, here's another RC 😮 …