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modern scroll 3.0.4

modern scrollAre you ready for some more scrolling improvements? 🙂

Here’s a little update to modern scroll for you. Check it out.



modern scroll 2.4.5

modern scrollI’m in the middle of updating each and every extension of mine since I realized that most of them are still linking to my old MyOpera-blog that’s going to be switched off in about a week. *sigh*
I won’t write a blog post for every single one of those since I’m only  going to exchange the URLs in most of them.

However, doing so in modern scroll for Opera Presto (11 & 12) made me aware that there’s a fix that André provided some time ago which still didn’t make it into an official version. So those of you still using Presto-based Opera versions, please let me know if you run into trouble with this.


modern scroll 3.0.3

modern scrollHey everyone,

here’s an update to modern scroll that one of you guys has been eagerly waiting for 🙂


modern scroll 3.0 RC 6 – 8

I had uploaded the final version of modern scroll 3.0 to Opera's catalog already, but now, here's another RC 😮 …


modern scroll 3.0 RC 1 – 5

Here we go, I'm done with my list of missing / not working features :up:

Now it's your turn! 😉 …


modern scroll meets aviation

Sometimes it's useful to possess knowledge in areas that are totally unrelated to what you actually want to do.

Are you interested in learning about autopilots? :sherlock: …